Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
Current book in series Temple and Skinquest. Enjoy Castle and Well from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords while waiting for that and the prequel's audiobook "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals".

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Adults Catalog
To streamline the site more the various catalogs have been revamped. There are still three pages, one for all ages books, one aimed for children’s books, and one for more advanced or adult-oriented works. All pages will have links to where to get all editions of each book in question. For direct orders please send the book title and amount via email and you will be invoiced, also specifying if you are an individual, bookstore, or library. Payment must be received before shipping. Larger direct from publisher orders may take longer, and unless there is a request for signed copies my be shipped directly from the printing facility used.

You are viewing the Adults Catalog. Works deemed inappropriate for those below the age of 18, political in nature, touching on themes of sexuality openly, or possibly otherwise “charged issues” are listed here. Consider it like going into the adult area of the library, not for those wishing to stay in G and PG-13 only waters.


Mend This Heart
By: Steven Disney
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Createspace | Kindle | Lulu | Smashwords

Follow the ups and downs of a brave heart through the course of one year. This is our first acquisition from an external author, and we are thrilled to be hosting his edgy and eye opening work. Love and loss, peace and longing, the hardships of solo and family life, all mulled over. Not suitable for small children.

Perceptions of the Mind
By: Steven Disney

Amazon (Pending) | Barnes & Noble | CreateSpace (Pending) | Kindle | Lulu | Smashwords
A journey through the corridors of past, present, and what be. What lurks in the darkness where only the brave tread? Joy, sorrow, longing, loss, devotion... and ever more questions. Set sail with Steven Disney in his second book, and drift in the seas of the mind. Not suitable for small children.

Spirituality and Alternative Views
Ayam Yogi Abraxas
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Createspace | Kindle | Smashwords
Tarot, Kabbalah, Christianity, Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Metaphysics, Psychology, Philosophy, Alchemy... What do these have in common? More than you might think at first. Ayam Yogi Abraxas shares the fruits of his studies and how to practically apply these in daily life. More than just an introduction, there is something for all levels of understanding here. Even someone unfamiliar with these will have a better understanding of their own thoughts. This book explores teachings from the Bible, the Torah, Taoism, Shinto, Kabbalah, Hindu mythology, Buddhism and several other philosophies, as well as the author's own experiences. Part practical and part esoteric this treatise is both lighthearted and serious, encapsulating the yin and the yang, and the Oneness of All. Meet the Ayam and the Maya in you. One additional note: Although the publisher is in the United States, the author is from Canada. Thus, this book has been edited with British Canadian spelling and grammar in mind.

A Witches' Prayerbook
Jo Anne Spiese
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | CreateSpace | Kindle | Smashwords
A collection of prayers and poetry from a witches' point of view, but an exploration of love and the soul accessible to all.
There are also other stories by Jo Anne Spiese that are planned for when we get to that part of the work queue, should she choose to publish those with me. If not with me then keep checking for her writing in other locations too!

Science fiction and horror
The Pollinations of Jardinia
Amethyst Stormrider
Smashwords Shorts Series
As they are books with explictly adult content you must be logged in to Smashwords to see them. These are currently in retirement, and thus likely to not even show at all unless you previously purchased them. They may be rewritten later and the concept expanded on. These stories tend more toward sci-fi and horror.
Amethyst's works are an experiment that she is running, as a way of pushing herself into areas that she would not normally write in, and to see what proves to be more popular. She also chose this pen name to give a hint as to her identity but to keep things separated.

Pollinations of Jardinia: Flowers of Desire (Smashwords)
A whole planet where flowers are the dominant species, and evolved to fill mobile roles as well as sedentary ones. Orchida, an apprentice herbalist in her culture, follows a strange hunch, and finds what may be the cure for her Garden's fertility problem. She finds much more than a cure though.
Erotic content warning. 18+

Pollinations of Jardinia: Snake Hunter of Jardinia (Smashwords)
Jardinia, a planet where all life is plant based, whether mobile or not.
The wer, met in "Pollinations of Jardinia: Flowers of Desire," are not the only predatory species on Jardinia. Meet the snus in this short horror story. What happens when a flos leaves her Garden? It depends on if she keeps company, and how careful she is.

Horror warning: Snus tend to eat flos. 18+ due to ending

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