Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
Current book in series Temple and Skinquest. Enjoy Castle and Well from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords while waiting for that and the prequel's audiobook "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals".

Co-Operative Publications

Co-Operative Publications

Below is a list of books that I have worked on in conjunction with other publishers. In these I am working as an independent contractor and usually paid up front. If you have purchased any of these books and enjoyed the art enough to wish to toss something extra my way please feel free. Unless otherwise noted on a particular project I am not getting any royalties as illustrator. There will be a section at the bottom of the page with various places where you can toss tips into the coffee jar. If you have not purchased these yet and wish to do so, if you both click through and use the Amazon links below I will get a bit through the referral system. I have shortened the link path display.

With PenIt! Publications

"The Adventures of Moe: Moey's Big Back Yard" by Rochelle Lazauskas

Moey has a big back yard and lots of friends. Moe is the softest, cutest puppy you have ever seen. When he goes out into his back yard, he and his friends like to huddle together and take long naps. But this time, there is something different about their nap….hmmmm??? Follow along to see who wants to join the gang in Moey’s Big Back Yard

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The Christmas Fairy by M J Foreman

Lucy lives in a land far away; Greenlock. It is said to be an enchanted forest. Lucy grew up hearing all sorts of stories about the forest near where she lives, which fascinated her. There were stories of little people and of fairies. But, do they exist? Follow along as Lucy and her faithful Irish Setter, Max, set about to find out the truth in The Christmas Fairy.

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The Hidden Miracles Series: I'm Not Just A Tree, You See!

I’m Not Just a Tree, You See! is the first book in The Hidden Miracles Series by Susan Mellencamp-Kimble. Have you ever thought about trees; really, really thought about them? There are many types of trees and each one offers us shade, or fruit, or nuts or just plain old oxygen! Let’s look at the trees, one of God’s Miracles on earth, shall we?

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Breaking the Barriers: A Girl's Dream to Play Little League with the Boys by Robbin Miller

In this small novel aimed at young women Robbin Miller tells her story as one of the groundbreaking young ladies in regional Little Leagues. She was one of the trail blazers and I was honored to do the illustrations for the chapters. It is my hope that this inspires other young women to follow their dreams.

The Starr Family's Ice Cream Creation by Barbara Kurtz

In this short children's tale we meet the Starr Family. They love ice cream so much that they go on adventures to find new flavors. Each member has a different idea. This even includes a family vacation (and a little implied romance for mommy and daddy) to Italy.
You can get it now at the Publisher's Catalog page or on Amazon

The Adventures of Moe: Moey's Day At The Farm by Rochelle Lazauskas

Moey returns to us in a trip to the farm where he makes several new friends of many species.

PenIt! Publications

Eddie the Squirrel: My Family's Nutty Thanksgiving Traditions by Suzanne Hill

Eddie's family hides a treasured golden acorn every year. Eddie also has to listen to old Grandpa Clem wax on about his chases with Griff the Hawk. Imagine his surprise to find out Griff is still around.

PenIt! Publications

Minne's Decision

Minnie's Choice AKA Minnie's Decision
By Patsy E. Stackhouse
Illustrated by Teresa Amehana Garcia
With PenIt! Publications

Minnie is a stray grey cat that loves her freedom. When she is taken in by a little girl will she choose her friend or her freedom?


The Ian's Realm Saga
By D.L. Gardner
Narrated by Teresa Garcia

Part One of "The Ian's Realm Saga" audiobook is now available on for purchase and download. Parts Two and Three are available there for pre-order. Mrs. Gardner has several other related projects available as well.

In Progress (Print)

Secret Project

In Progress (Audio)

With D.L. Gardener

The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy: Book Two & Three by D.L. Gardener

Audiobook Narrated by Teresa Garcia
In Progress! Coming soon

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When and as other illustrators that have worked with me provide me with any tipjar links that they may have I will create subsections for each individual.

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