Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

Tuesday I talked to two of the teachers involved in Crescent Elks Middle School's Language Department. There is excitement involving "Taming the Mountain's Blowing Wind" and the possibility that it might be used in their school. Currently, the teachers are reviewing the book, and will bring it before the school board. In May or September, though we are shooting for May, I will hopefully get to go and speak with the students,hopefully generate interest in my book, and if nothing else then hopefully inspire them to consider careers in writing.

One of the subjects I intend to touch on is writing and it's place in publishing. I am quite excited.

I have also taken several photos during my trip, quite a bit of time was spent out in nature. I don't know about creating a photo book, but I am considering including photos in the next poetry book I will release.

I am also still interested in looking over submissions from other authors in fiction and non-fiction categories. I have received a few inquires since deciding that I wanted to publish not just my own works, but so far they were for formats that would not have been cost effective for them (I sincerely do hope that they were able to find people able to get formats better suited), or in need of revision so that what was being conveyed was understandable.

For inquiries, please email ladyrainstardragon (at) and include "submission inquiry" in the subject line.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paypal's Security department is great

Quite pleased with Paypal, I checked the account and found they'd credited back that money that was taken for the unauthorized charge.

Of course, found an email trying to get me to follow a link to go validate my account... So opening a fresh window, and not following the link (pretty sad when the Paypal copyright doesn't give the right spelling) I find all's good in the account.

Go away phishers. I don't write, draw and paint my fingers off to let you have my funds.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

Thursday (Mar 12, 2009) I stopped by Burney Falls on my way back to my place with mom. The time alone was very needed, and it's a great place to go to recharge one's batteries. I walked down to the base of the falls, and then took the whole 3+ Falls Loop, taking pictures along the way. I was rather tired, but I'd also been interested in walking up to the headwaters to get photos there as well, so I took the .7 mile trail up to the headwaters pool.

Right now, I'm transferring my photos, and I'm pleased with how many of them turned out as I'd intended (they always look better on the computer than on the camera). I'll be upping the dpi and then uploading some of these to my photo and art gallery.

I am contemplating using one of the shots from this trip on the cover of the next poetry book.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kinda small press to get hacked...

It's very strange to check one's email one day, and then find that while one has been busy, someone over in China has accessed one's Paypal. Betamax still exists? I saw them mentioned on Cowboy Bebop when someone was looking for a Betamax to play an old tape because it wasn't a VHS.

Now that's old... So it was odd to log directly into my Paypal, find it all in Chinese, get it set for US English... and then find a charge paying money to Betamax... in Euros... And then to set about getting things fixed and re-establishing security...

Ayyyyyy... So today, despite being a day I INTENDED to work on my novel manuscript, was spent doing damage control on all fronts (big time on mentally and emotionally).

Come on... CHINESE!!! I don't read Chinese and this computer won't show it because the language packs aren't installed -_- Yes I'm very slowly working on learning bits and pieces of both Chinese and Japanese... But... honestly...