Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Selktember 2021 Prompt List

 Selktember 2021

Please use one or more of these tags when sharing your work!

#selktember #selktember2021

30 days of selkie related prompts.
Always in September.
Draw, paint, write, make music, any sort of art.

Some of us need a little time to prepare for something like Selktember, especially if someone ever decides that they want to do cosplay photography or something similar for their Selktember pieces. I started this thinking first about art and writing, remembered songs and music were a thing, so I have the hashtags open for any sort of creative Selktember offering.


Below is the official prompt list I have created for this year.

  1. Seastacks

  2. Island

  3. Seal Skin

  4. Beaching

  5. Whale

  6. Secret

  7. Crystal

  8. Cave

  9. Carving

  10. Stone

  11. Seaweed

  12. Food

  13. Fishing

  14. Culture

  15. Dock

  16. Sailor

  17. Kraken

  18. Liminal

  19. Magic

  20. Seawitch

  21. Exploration

  22. Arctic

  23. Penguin

  24. Temperate

  25. Inland

  26. Descendant

  27. Return

  28. Stolen

  29. Tears

  30. Reunion

Official Rules

1. Please use one or more of these tags when posting and sharing your work!

#selktember #selktember2021

2. Any art of any kind you wish is welcome as long as it touches on selkies.

3. Do them all or focus on a few, there is no pressure. I myself might not be able to do one for each day within the month of September, depending on what my workload will be that month. No pressure.

4. If you are on DeviantArt submit your selkie work to @SelktemberGroup gallery in the Selktember 2021 folder.

5. Prompt suggestions to future years are welcome. Send them to

Deviantart Group Official Deviant Art group:

Twitter @amehanaarashi

Instagram@ amehanaarashi

Deviantart @amehanarainstardrago

Seal photos used for the background overlay layers are sourced from Pixabay. For those unaware of what a selkie is, a selkie is a shapeshifter of Celtic origin. When wearing their sealskin or seal coat they are seals. They become human when they remove it. Other cultures also have their own sealfolk, and they are just as welcome to be represented in Selktember.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Lumberjack Fiesta was a success

The annual Lumberjack Fiesta in McCloud California was able to happen this year. My daughter and I had a booth where we took the books we had from both THG StarDragon Publishing and Pen It Publications, as well as the posters. Hopefully, we will catch up soon on restocking. She also was selling her epoxy jewelry, and we both were available for on-the-spot commission work. She was making custom necklaces and keychains for fiesta goers, and I was open for portraits.

I have not yet totaled up the ledgers or rechecked the inventory, but it was a good turnout both for booths and people coming for the competitions and shopping. With luck, if my health does not nose dive again, she and I will be able to have a booth elsewhere fall or winter-ish time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Flash Fiction Month Stories List!

 Flash Fiction Month is happening, and I have been working on catching up to it. You can read my flash fictions for free on my Deviant Art gallery. Views help boost me in the algorithm, if I understand things correctly. I will update this list to link to where you can read the flash fictions written for this month.

Flash Fiction Month 2021

  1. The Idols: Obsession, or safety?
  2. Rainbringer: When the rain runs dry, what happens when there is less to bring?
  3. I Want Flames: Aging does not mean growing up.
  4. Wind and Stream: Experience the connection of a tree between her suitors.
  5. I Just Want A Bed: No, really. I just want a bed!
  6. Sloth: Be careful what you program.
  7. Within Her Mirror: Snow White from the Magic Mirror's perspective.
  8. A) The Fae Bride: A Fairy bride and what a chance encounter means for her future groom.
    B) They: Wander with a spirit that had never walked as human.
  9. Cloud In The Storm: The Cloud Maiden always wanders far, and sometimes she comes when called.
  10. Starstone City: Adventurers, a love triangle, and personality clashes.
  11. Providence: A half selkie shipwrecked encounters a full selkie family.
  12. The Taste of People: A forest spirit speaks his mind
  13. You'll Be Mine: Loving? Obsessive? You get to make up your own mind about this Fae and his letter.
  14. The Cloud Maiden's Shrine Origin: The Cloud Maiden chooses a home, and a priest to serve her.
  15. Wishing Cookies: Just a little bit of baking.
  16. An Unusual Day In The Life of Sir Seb (or Sir Sebastion): When a villain is bad at being bad and it's the castle dragon that needs rescuing Sir Sebastion gets to clean up the mess.
  17. Temptations: In which I mock blouse ripper romance and shed a little light on certain aspects of the Temple of Mara that aren't so fun. Or is it just angst?
  18. Who Summoned Me To Punch A Fish?: Teenagers, elder gods possessing tentacles, and wannabe gangs.
  19. Dragon And Hawk Reunite: A long flash forward for Ryu Take and BlowingWind Mountainchild from my Dragon Shaman books.
  20. Untethering The Dragon: When a spirit incarnates as a human but needs their powers there is always some sort of price.
  21. The Cloud Dance: Your typical unruly princess, and the typical falling for a guard. The Cloud Maiden has plans for them
  22. Smell The Flowers: A delivery driver who goes the extra mile is forced to take a break, but also is given a gift for his care.
  23. The Master Tome: We touch in with Kirsty Makay, a selkie from the "Selkies' Skins" series and her finding of the "Pearls of Sea and Stone" in its book form.
  24. In progress
  25. In progress
  26. In progress
  27. In progress
  28. In progress
  29. In progress
  30. In progress
  31. In progress

Look for places to find me via my Linktree!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Farewell to another

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of a friend who was known as *L*o*RD* *S*e*ssh*o*m*a*r*u on Dragon Hearts RPG. He ascended to leave his mortal form and fully take up his dragon self within the Ethereal Realm this past May 25th. He was a warrior fighting some longstanding battles but there are some battles which cannot be won. Those he leaves behind will love and miss him. Bear/Obs has already set his game account to memorial status.

Fly well and High L*o*RD* *S*e*ssh*o*m*a*r*u.

He is not the first DH player that has crossed the veil, but each deserves a mention in their own time.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Challenge is live at Dragon Hearts RPG

THG StarDragon Publishing is pleased to forward this announcement from Dragon Hearts RPG, for which I write the challenges for.

Leprechauns and Clurichauns have returned, the gates to the land of the Fae flung wide upon the Tor deep within the forest. Rainbows abound as Spring begins her return. Find and visit them all to find out what sort of chaos exists today!

To celebrate the change in the seasons everyone has been given a "Lucky 2021 Clover" and "Equinox Crystal A 2021" visit your inventory to use them!

Also shenanigans is happening at the Coffee Empire and Thieves' Guild! Visit them in Rhian to see what's up!