Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dragon Shaman 2 progress update

Yesterday I got news from my editor that she has finished reading the rough manuscript for Dragon Shaman 2: The Smoky Mirror. She was very excited and pleased with it. So the project continues, as I must now go through and make the suggested revisions, and then submit it back to her for another check before I can release this to the public.

It's a project that I am very glad to see coming to it's close, as I it will be circulating Faith's editing skills and Victoria's cover art. I am also looking forward to getting started on the next project, and adjusting the deadlines projected for the next books. This is all very much a learning experience for me. I must balance my own writing, my family life, and eventually a day job. I also find a way to make time for eventually including other authors when I find someone with a project that will fit in with my visions for this publishing enterprise. There is also the RPG administration that I do for Rowan Wookie's "Dragon Hearts" Project.

I also greatly look forward to starting on the next book, and I have not yet decided if I will be following Marie O'Drake/MountainChild's adventures, or if I will be focusing on Jewel O'Drake's thread in the tapestry. Marcella O'Drake will also have to have her own spotlight as we work toward the events that will eventually break the family curse and reveal more of the family history... as well as a few twists that I have in store for my characters.

In other news, I (Teresa Garcia) have submitted an essay to Immanion and editor Brandy Williams for their upcoming anthology "Women's Voices in Magic." There are also other side projects that I plan to do which are not going through StarDragon Publishing.