Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Follow up on the tax letter

I got in contact with the CA BOE office. I found them to be quite friendly and helpful. I also was able to verify that I do not have to pay that much in taxes. It turns out that there was a mix up that caused a bunch of similar letters getting sent out. This has since been fixed and my confirmation letter should be arriving any time.

I would like to some day get sales up to or beyond that point consistently though. With sales like that it would mean so nice checks for the authors.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Well this is odd

I got a notice from the State BOE saying that the publishing company can expect to average $17,000 or more a month in sales. I've not come even close to this amount in a span of multiple years of pushing books.

No, I can't expect to see THAT much a month. Most months the money from book sales (before profit) does not even break double digits. The money that I personally get for working with Rowan is low triple digits. Something isn't adding up here. If I were a bigger name then I could see this. If I had money to spend on advertising like the big dogs do then perhaps.

I'm pretty confused.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"The Hero" Cover Reveal by Diantha Jones

"The Hero" is not one of our books, but as a Young Adult Mythology fiction it does fit into the theme of things pertaining to the spirit that I like to hold to here. With this in mind it is with pleasure that I take part in the cover reveal tour for this book,

Before he knew the Oracle…
Before he knew the Quad…
Before the Great Unknown threatened his world…
He was a hero, cursed forever.
Cover Designed by: Colin F. Barnes
Publication Date: March 18, 2014
Genre: YA Mythology
Series: Mythos: Stories from Olympus #2/Oracle of Delphi #3.5
*WARNING* To be read after Prophecy of Solstice’s End (Oracle of Delphi #3)
Contains MAJOR spoilers!
Shunned by a family that doesn’t understand him, demigod Lenka Tahile aka “Swindle” is a complete loner and he likes it that way. Then he meets the hero, Ace Remedy, the brother of an infamous demigod Prince, and his life goes from bad to worse. Ace is loud, rude, and disruptive to his peaceful existence in every way. He’s also hilarious and daring, and Swindle ends up finding a friend just when he thought he’d never have another.
But little does he know, becoming friends with Ace was all part of the Fates’ plan. Now his past is slowly coming back to haunt him and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Nothing but try not to bring to light the lost love, the failed hopes, and the cursed existence that he would kill to keep in the dark.

Five Facts about Hero, Cursed
1. Lenka Tahile is a South African name. The MC was born in South Africa.
2. “Swindle” is Lenka’s celestial name. He is a son of Hermes. Figure it out.
3. The hawk on the cover is not a tattoo. His name is Bill and he’s Swindle’s Fauna Morph, an animal that morphs into a weapon on command.
4. Though it isn’t showcased on the cover, Swindle has extremely curly hair. Out of control, I tell you.
5. Just like Solar, Defeated, this novella switches back and forth between the present and the past, and reveals what life was like for Swindle before the Oracle of Delphi came along.
Mythos: Stories from Olympus #1 Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble  |  Goodreads

Diantha Jones was born the day thousands of turkeys sacrificed their lives to fill millions of American bellies on November 22 which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day (Her mother says she owes her a turkey). She is a Journalism graduate who wants to be a career novelist (of books, not Facebook posts). When not writing or working, she is reading on her Nook, being hypnotized by Netflix or on a mission to procure french fries.
The Oracle of Delphi fantasy series is her first series. She is also the author of Mythos: Stories from Olympus, a companion series, and there is another fantasy series in the works. She also writes (new) adult fantasy/paranormal romance under the name A. Star. Invasion (An Alien Romance) is her first title released under this pen name. Future releases under A. Star include, Mythos: Gods and Lovers series, the Love & Steampunk series, the Purr, Inc. stories, and more.

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