Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Monday, February 9, 2015

JoAnne Spiese's "A Witch's Prayerbook"

A Witch's Prayerbook
By JoAnne Spiese
Edited by Teresa Garcia
Cover design by Teresa Garcia
Interior and back cover incorporated art left to me by Marantha D. Jennelle specifically for such projects.


Every Witch has her own journey, every Witch has her own prayers to the Goddess. In this book JoAnne Spiese shares her poems, devotionals and prayers to bring light to others and sing the praises of the Goddess and Nature. Be proud of who you are and grasp what makes you yourself.

Available since late Feb. 1 or early Feb. 2, 2015 on Smashwords, this prayer and poetry book from the perspective of a Goddess worshiper is soon to be found on Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. It is expected to hit print for Amazon by the upcoming Equinox. This post will be updated as each link goes live.

JoAnne is preparing to work on a fiction manuscript, "Help, My Mother is a Witch" that is eagerly anticipated. I myself am returning finally to getting to work on my own fiction manuscript.