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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury - accepting anthology submissions

Current Guidelines can be found by following this link.  This post is left here for archival purposes.

Have you always wanted to be an author? Have you ever wondered how to start down that road? Do you have the courage to show others your work?

THG StarDragon Publishing is gathering submissions from young authors and poets (18/19 and under) for “The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury.” Each submission should be no more than 10 pages long for short stories, or two pages for poetry submissions. Please make submissions on standard sized (8.5 by 10 in) or A4 paper, or at a similar size in .doc or .odt, format if submitting digitally.  If your submission is longer, please note it so that it can be taken into consideration as how best to include it.

Edit: Now open to all ages.

The theme for the anthology is dragons, so let your imagination run wild... Use them as main characters or supporting characters, good, evil, or in between. Lazy or brave, Western, Eastern, extraterrestrial or from the depths of the sea, we want your dragons! Out of all the submissions, 10 short stories and 10 poems will be selected. THG StarDragon Publishing reserves to right to choose more to fill the book depending on the length of the chosen submissions. Those that are selected will receive a free copy of the book for themselves, and a discount off the cover price if they desire to purchase additional books for their family members. This is a small press, so how well the sales go will determine how soon any possible royalties would be paid.

*EDIT*  Submissions have been slow to come, so if you are interested and don't think you can contain your idea in the previously set page limit, then send it anyway, and be sure to contact me with a summary so that I can figure it in. *END EDIT*

This will be THG StarDragon Publishing's first anthology by young readers for young readers. Depending on the success, more anthologies may be forthcoming in the future from the press. Editing will be done by Teresa “Amehana” Garcia (author of the ongoing Dragon Shaman series) and Faith Lindgren-Brown (editor for “Dragon Shaman 2” and the forthcoming titles of the series). Cover artist is Victoria “Salaiek Tuarann” Davis, who has also done art for the Dragon Hearts RPG and for “Dragon Shaman 2.”

Please mail submissions to:
THG StarDragon Publishing
Attn: Teresa “Amehana” Garcia
PO Box 249
McCloud, Ca 96057

or email as a .doc or .odt attachment to:
ladyrainstardragon (at)
(please insert appropriate sign, which is removed here to help cut down on spam)
subject: “The Dragons' Beads”

Please note, original copies or disks will not be returned, so please keep a copy for yourself.  By sending a submission you affirm that you have parental permission to participate.

Edit: Submissions will stay open until enough have been received to fill the book.

Feel free to circulate this announcement freely to any and all that may have interest.

Currently Available titles: