Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Monday, August 30, 2021

Signal Boost: Fundraiser for McCloud (California) Fire Department

The McCloud Volunteer Fire Department is something very close to my heart. A very large portion of my family all serve in the department to respond to the needs of the town. The department needs additional equipment to be able to send out on outside calls, which will help generate revenue that can then be used to provide better and more expanded services within town.

Currently there are two MVFD vehicles and crews on the Antelope fire in Northern California, as it is so close to our town. 

From the McCloud Fire Department Facebook Page:

Additional Fire Department Website:

Good Morning McCloud. Sarah Kidd and Shannon Reyna have started a fundraising campaign to assist the McCloud FD. During the August 26, 2021 community meeting Fire Chief Charlie Miller explained to the CSD board and the community that the department should be expanding the fire department's ability to respond to emergencies both in McCloud and to our neighbors. Chief Miller spoke of purchasing additional administrative vehicles to utilize on calls in McCloud and to send out our personnel on overhead assignments to major fires and other disasters. These outside-of-town responses generate revenue that the department needs to be able to expand services to the town. Please help Sarah and Shannon by donating to the MCFA. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 551 McCloud, CA 96057. Donations are completely tax-deductible. 

Sarah and Shannon have already raised $3,2500.00 of the $7,500.00 needed to purchase a 2008 Chevy Tahoe that is ready to serve McCloud. 

If sending a check please reply with the amount so that we can keep track and not overshoot our goal. You can also call Chief Miller at 530-713-9072 if you have questions prior to donating. 

Thank you in advance.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Selktember 2021 Prompt List

 Selktember 2021

Please use one or more of these tags when sharing your work!

#selktember #selktember2021

30 days of selkie related prompts.
Always in September.
Draw, paint, write, make music, any sort of art.

Some of us need a little time to prepare for something like Selktember, especially if someone ever decides that they want to do cosplay photography or something similar for their Selktember pieces. I started this thinking first about art and writing, remembered songs and music were a thing, so I have the hashtags open for any sort of creative Selktember offering.


Below is the official prompt list I have created for this year.

  1. Seastacks

  2. Island

  3. Seal Skin

  4. Beaching

  5. Whale

  6. Secret

  7. Crystal

  8. Cave

  9. Carving

  10. Stone

  11. Seaweed

  12. Food

  13. Fishing

  14. Culture

  15. Dock

  16. Sailor

  17. Kraken

  18. Liminal

  19. Magic

  20. Seawitch

  21. Exploration

  22. Arctic

  23. Penguin

  24. Temperate

  25. Inland

  26. Descendant

  27. Return

  28. Stolen

  29. Tears

  30. Reunion

Official Rules

1. Please use one or more of these tags when posting and sharing your work!

#selktember #selktember2021

2. Any art of any kind you wish is welcome as long as it touches on selkies.

3. Do them all or focus on a few, there is no pressure. I myself might not be able to do one for each day within the month of September, depending on what my workload will be that month. No pressure.

4. If you are on DeviantArt submit your selkie work to @SelktemberGroup gallery in the Selktember 2021 folder.

5. Prompt suggestions to future years are welcome. Send them to

Deviantart Group Official Deviant Art group:

Twitter @amehanaarashi

Instagram@ amehanaarashi

Deviantart @amehanarainstardrago

Seal photos used for the background overlay layers are sourced from Pixabay. For those unaware of what a selkie is, a selkie is a shapeshifter of Celtic origin. When wearing their sealskin or seal coat they are seals. They become human when they remove it. Other cultures also have their own sealfolk, and they are just as welcome to be represented in Selktember.