Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Monday, September 11, 2023

Book Review: Drowning Mermaids (Princess of Ice) by Nadia Scrieva

Princess of Ice (Sacred Breath Book 1)Princess of Ice by Nadia Scrieva
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Book One of the Sacred Breath Series, AKA Drowning Mermaids

Although I adore stories about sea creatures I was not as in the mood for a mermaid story as I originally thought I was when I picked up the book. I am glad that I stuck with it despite my quandaries about what sort of story I actually wanted to read because I found it fitting better and better. This is not your usual mermaid tale or tail. These mermaids are like you and me, they just have a second set of lungs meant for the water. There have been stories about suck folk before, able to breathe both water and air (see some of the selkie tales in folklore). Unlike most of the folklore, these seafolk are not shapeshifters.

Since they are like us, and as it is acknowledged that there is a common root in the story between the sea and land folk, they have the same sort of problems we do; abusive fathers, nation wars, espionage, people not believing the truth when they are first told the truth, and many others. You are given the sense of well-developed nations moving behind the scenes and the complex (and often unknown) interconnection of the land nations with the water nations.

I was thrilled to see such a wonderful explanation of the Bermuda, Dragon Sea, and Alaskan Triangles given. The author actually made me fist pump at such an EXCELLENT use of modern and ancient folklore. We even meet the Ningyo people, who are a favorite subject of story research of mine, with their connection to the undersea dragons. Sadly, no dragons are mentioned, but an extinct species makes a living cameo!

The characters are also well done. I could feel the layers of Trevain Murphy (I usually think of Trevain as a surname, so that got my attention) and empathized with him. In many ways, that character was far more like me than I was comfortable with. I also had not expected what his ancestry was revealed to be when first meeting him at the beginning of the book. I loved the complexity of the female lead (Aazuria) balancing secrecy, her regal role, her role as a sister, and her role as a lover. Both of these characters did a ton of growing in this first book. I also particularly loved the metaphor for life that was done with the bonsai scene. Fantastic work. I look forward to reading through the next book of the series.

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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Book Review: Heir of Uncertain Magic by Charlie N. Holmberg

Heir of Uncertain Magic (Whimbrel House, #2)Heir of Uncertain Magic by Charlie N. Holmberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We return to the adventures of Merrit Fernsby and Hulda Larkin. Owein, Merrit’s many times great uncle who once possessed a house is still firmly ensconced in a dog. Silas Hogwood, the villain of the last book is dead but his long shadow is still not gone. When the young lovers are settling into their courtship the former lawyer comes into town along with other people from LIKER for the stated reason of an audit on BIKER as a result of what happened in the last book.

This is another great installment to the series and to the world that Ms. Holberg has spun. It is full of twists and turns, red herrings, and yet is neatly tied up by the end. I look forward to the next book, which appears to be forthcoming according to the Kindle library. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves magic, fantasy, and 30-year-olds getting to have adventures.

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Ancient Wizards by Alexander Saunders Proof Copy Unboxing

This was a quick unboxing. I haven't been well lately, so please excuse the shakiness, and the anxiety in my voice. It takes quite a bit of energy to do anything anymore and this is the first I've been able to sit at my desk (due to my back) for a long time.
This has taken quite some time due to my back injury messing with my ability to edit and illustrate. It takes much longer when literally flat on your back and unable to concentrate. Still, one last step for the physical edition... the final read.

Ebook is already available:

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Book Review: Keeper of Enchanted Rooms by Charlie N. Holmberg

Keeper of Enchanted Rooms (Whimbrel House, #1)Keeper of Enchanted Rooms by Charlie N. Holmberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been a fan of this author for a while now, stumbling on her work via other stories about magic in the world. This book, even though magic is certainly involved in the normal life of people, is in a very different sort of world. Here, the magic is slowly waning as the families possessing magic in their blood slowly wane in power over the generations. Spells for such things as travel and communication methods understandably become even more treasured.

Magic in general is highly treasured and cultivated in this world. Magic users selectively breed trying to keep magic alive.

In a world like this sometimes buildings gain magic of their own. A building can be enspelled, or it can absorb from those living within its walls. Sometimes, a house becomes possessed by the ghost of a magic user. Here is where problems enter for the group that seeks to preserve such historic buildings. Sometimes non-magical people obtain those houses and want to be rid of the magic.

Our main character inherits an enchanted, or possibly haunted, house. He is warned about it but discounts it as superstition. Merrit moves into his new property rather promptly as the apartment he was renting will not have the lease renewed. After the house decides to trap him is where he meets with Hulda, our female lead who is VERY reminiscent of Mary Poppins in the way that all good housekeepers can be. Our house, our third main character, then sets out to do what ghosts are known for… being annoying… as annoying as a boy in the tweens acting out wanting attention. Of course, just like tweens and houses, a little love and attention go a long way.

No story is complete without something for the main characters to pitch themselves against. We meet our villain fairly early on. What I like best about this villain is that the author writes him in such a way that we can understand how he became what he is, his struggles, and his desires. He is a very human character who inspires pity just as much as he inspires horror.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It is meaty, and yet it is also something that can be enjoyed on days when one wants a light reading fare. I look forward to picking up the other books in this series.

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Friday, September 1, 2023

"Treasure of the Ancient Wizards" by Alexander Saunders available to preorder in ebook

"Treasure of the Ancient Wizards" by Alexander Saunders is available now for pre-orders in ebook format. It goes live via Smashwords on September 3rd and on Amazon on September 4. I am still waiting for the physical proof to arrive for the print edition. An audiobook format is planned for later.

When a young Alex hears a mysterious voice and follows it, his discovery leads him on an epic quest to retrieve a treasure he hopes will help his family. When he and his friends enter into a magical world they together learn about bravery, love, trust, and dependability. The biggest question is, can five teenagers do what many adults have not? Can they get back home if they succeed? If they can are they even going to want to go home after entering a world where unicorns, dragons, witches, wizards, merfolk, fauns, and other such mythical beings are real?

Written from the first person point of view as a young Alex retells his story to his mysterious audience, this tale was crafted for the entire family to enjoy. Perfect for a bedtime read to children, adults can also enjoy this on their own for a moment of respite. Our young hero still holds that passion for justice that many of us allow to die down to an ember but also holds the tenacity to keep pushing to make the world a better place.


A. Buddell has this to say about it:

A surprising read that was hard to put down, this book had impressive scope and a heart of gold.

When a poor boy suddenly finds himself in possession of a magical treasure map, his entire life changes. He gains the ability to do magic, and together with his four best friends, sets off on a perilous adventure through Magicalworld. Along the way they'll learn lessons about trusting your friends, helping others, and keeping an open mind; all the while avoiding deadly traps, and facing unique magical creatures. With so many obstacles in their way, can the group - and their friendship - make it to the Treasure of the Ancient Wizards?

The Barnes & Noble link is still forthcoming.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

YA Book Review: The House Witch

The House WitchThe House Witch by Delemhach
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked this up because I needed a light and whimsical book. I think this is perfect for those who grew up reading books by Patricia Wrede and Jessica Day George but are now old enough to crack a dirty pun without being hissed at by an adult. I think it's fine for teens, young adults, and older folk... but do be aware if you disapprove of such puns for your teen... Honestly, they hear far worse in the school yard and crack worse during sleepovers. There isn't a lot of it in here, but it's there. I cracked up at the part about waiting for the 8-year-old to "drink properly."

The main character is a male witch (THANK YOU to the author for that, from a witch) trying to find a place in the world for himself. I like him because he's within my dating range bracket (if I were on the market), he's witty, he's easily annoyed by people's nonsense, and he keeps his to a minimum... albeit a bit thick in the romance arena. The female lead has her own agenda, and at first, they do NOT hit it off, but they grow on each other while he tries to hide his true self from an entire castle. Quite the challenge for a cook.

This has themes of acceptance, love for oneself as well as others, fairness, and growing into one's inner power. I LOVE the fact he's in his 30's I'm still maturing and not quite there yet. There's plenty to enjoy for those 14ish and up. Just... watch out for that "son of a mage," which is now my new favorite curse.

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Ame's Unboxings: Pro Draw BeeJayDel Unbox & Review

This is a very belated video, but this allowed me to not only do the unboxing (yes in my favorite pajama top, it was cold and that was handy) and then my impressions after using it several weeks (now roasting and not needing flannels) of the Pro-Draw Grip designed by illustrator and Youtuber BeeJayDel.

The link below takes you to where it can be purchased on Amazon for cheaper than what I paid for it earlier.

Forgive the slowness in my work. I can't even sit up long without the twinging, tingling, and burning in both legs. Things are changing in my spine and I'm having to readapt myself.