Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
Current book in series Temple and Skinquest. Enjoy Castle and Well from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords while waiting for that and the prequel's audiobook "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals".

Mythical Minstrelsy & Flash Fiction Fridays Podcast

This podcast is for flash fiction and poetry of mythical, folkloric, fantasy, or spiritual nature. Most of these, at least at this time, will be written by me. If you'd like to get your work on or talked about then look further below. Book reviews and writing tips are also likely to eventually find their way into the podcast. The first episodes focus only on flash fiction. Each episode is intended to be short.

Due to the currently limited storage only the Flash Fiction Fridays posts are going to Soundcloud. Many posts will have to be archived soon in order to make room for new episodes. Those once archived will be available in bundles at the Gumroad Store.

All podcast content is going to, and all audio/video content is going to Youtube. The next items to be working their way in will be author, editor, or illustrator interviews.

Things this Podcast focuses on:

  • Flash fictions or poetry inspired by myth
  • Flash fictions or poetry inspired by folktales and folklore
  • Flash fictions or poetry inspired by fantasy
  • Flash fictions or poetry inspired by spiritual matters
  • Book reviews
  • Writing tips or types
  • Book spotlights
  • Author, Poet, Editor, Illustrator, Publisher, Game Creator interviews planned

Accepting Submissions!

If you would like to submit your poetry or flash fictions please email and send your work for consideration. If it is accepted I will contact you. Accepted work will be recorded and put on the podcast with each piece being bought for $3 per piece to be paid to you via Paypal. As that is such a low purchase price the license will be non-exclusive, meaning that you can submit it to other podcasts and publishers and you retain copyright. The rating should be no higher than PG-13 (parental guidance for age 13 and below). Keeping below 1,000 words is preferred but 1,500 words might be considered.

Guest reading recordings are welcome! I would be very happy to integrate them. Requests can also be made.

Interview Info

If you are involved in the publishing and/or gaming industry (that's a subset, but some see it as separate) I would love to interview you. It sometimes till take a bit to record the interview and get it placed in the posting schedule. Email me at or to inquire and I will send the questionnaire for you to fill out. After reading over your interview answers I may or may not have additional questions. If I do have additional ones to ask I will email back. I intend to only have a few questionnaires out at a time to prevent overload. You will be notified when your interview is expected to go up. Interviews are not paid. At the time of this writing it is free to be interviewed.

How to subscribe to the feed

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Shout outs

Patreon Patrons at or over $10 can have a shout out about themselves (such as a thank you and their name included in new episodes) or a favorite project should they choose.

Ads and Sponsors

While I would prefer not to do advertisements I am also not completely against the idea as they would help fund the podcast. If you have a product that serves writers, artists, game creators, or is otherwise beneficial to the publishing industry then write me about it. Ads will be $10 per episode included in, to be paid by Paypal.

If you want to be a Sponsor of the podcast you can sign up on Patreon (you will also then be a sponsor of many other projects I am doing). You can also send sponsorship money via Ko-fi and Paypal. Sponsors at or above $10 will be thanked every episode.



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