Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Done! Well, Roughly...

Ok, somebody crank up the dance music, I'll order up the pizza, somebody cover the chips and drinks! Unless BlowingWind breaks Ryu's favorite frying pan on my head, I've finished the rough draft for Dragon Shaman 2: The Smoky Mirror. This means that I can stop stressing about it's lateness and enjoy the fact the rough draft was finished before dad's birthday (even though he's not physically here anymore).

You heard me, we celebrate. Then I go over it, and I'll be having two others going over it as well. I may very well change a few things to make it work better, and work with the descriptions to appeal to the senses more while going through the editing process, and with more eyes the unintentional grammar irregularites and the typos should hopefully all get caught.

There will be a sake offering tonight. I think this is big enough to warrant it. Let there be junk food as well, though separately... Junk food for me... maybe really go out on a limb and have a bowl of icecream... XD

Anyone hears fanatic whoops and screams tonight... that's just me blowing off steam. ;) *whoops and busts out the drum and tie belt to sling that around her hip and go dance*

Woaaaahhhhh... Made myself dizzy there. Food first, then "dance dance party celebrate life in general."

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