Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Release: Dragon Shaman 2

I'd like to announce that Dragon Shaman, Book 2: The Smoky Mirror is released and available for both personal order and shop stock orders! Place your orders direct to our printer, or email in your order. You will then receive an invoice for the cost of your order and shipping. For this purpose, please be sure to include your shipping address and country so that shipping can be calculated. Orders placed to the publisher by email, in person, or via post to us will not be shipped until payment is received.

Larger orders actually bring you savings, as the price per book goes down slightly with larger runs, and I am able to pass the savings on to you. No order will be turned down though, and Paypal is accepted, as are checks, cashier checks, and money orders. Cash is accepted from locals or if well hidden, but I really discourage sending cash through the mail (but certainly won't turn it down, just be aware it could be stolen in transit).

Overseas orders, please note, you will be responsible for any import duties. Please be ready.

~Teresa Garcia

Mail: Teresa Garcia, PO Box 949, McCloud, CA 96057, USA
Email: ladyrainstardragon @ (remove spaces) Please use Book Orders as subject and specify titles and amounts.

Editor Note:

If your interests lean toward spiritual topics, Native American culture, Asian culture, Pagan History, Geography, time-travel, and adventure with a touch of love story, this book is for you!

The Author's sensitivity to human nature, and especially the spiritual realm, makes her characters seem so real, they come alive in her book.

A tale of Legendary quality. The deeper in the plot you go, the more it feels like this could be history. A story so rich, it's torture to wait for the next one.

A definite can't put it down book. You must get your paws on this one!

Faith C-M Lindgren

Further News:

Dragon Shaman, Book 3: The Forge and the Well, is currently being written. At this point, it is unknown when it will be finished and ready for release, so be sure to check back for updates.

A non-fiction book on dragon magic, to hopefully contain information from a purely human point of view as well as from the view of dragon-kin, is also currently in production. Essays will be accepted for inclusion. Those interested should use the above email and use the subject "Dragon Magic submission proposal." You will keep copy rights to your work, as we ask for non-exclusive use, meaning that you can go on to submit and publish your essay in other places as well. Compensation will be $10 US to those whose work is accepted for inclusion, plus a percentage of any generated royalties from sales.

A calendar is also expected to be released in time for 2010, please stay tuned for further news.

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