Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life and more

Things have been busy for us lately.  I myself have been mostly swallowed by classwork, as I have been taking university courses for seven weeks now.  Our lovely editor has been dealing with her health problems.  As of Tuesday she hasn't been able to look over the newest manuscript (Mend This Heart by Steven Disney) we have been working on, though she is very excited about it.  So since we are having a nice get together at my home this weekend, if she hasn't gotten to open and read the file by today, perhaps she can have some time to do so here, as she just adores poetry.

I'm going to be setting up an account for her when I bring her over, so that when she gets internet access of her own, she can also be heard from on this blog.  When she does, I'm very sure that there will be many interesting things shared here.

Doing my best to make this enterprise work has been teaching me a lot over the years.  With very little to start from, it's a tough thing to get the ball rolling.  It's been an exercise in perseverance and passion, in not giving up just because "it's hard."

I'm still looking for submissions on the still ongoing Dragon Magic anthology, which is currently still untitled.  Anyone that has done magic involving dragons is welcome to submit an essay, whether you are an otherkin identifying as dragon or fully human.  Religious background does not matter.  There is also currently no deadline, since I've not even had time to work on my own contributions.

Regarding the Dragon Shaman novel series, I have also not had time to do any further work on the third book in the series.  I do plan to take the time after this semester is over, or perhaps sooner depending on what the work load for my final class in the semester looks like once it starts.

Alas, if sales were higher I could afford to take more time to write, but I have to make sure to do things that help support my family.  Someday, there will be enough activity that this press, this effort born of a love for literature, will hopefully be as respected as other, older, bigger presses and generate as much income for those that collaborate together to make it happen... but today is not that day.  Today, we continue to nurture the seed, and do our best to learn from the examples set by other companies.  THG StarDragon Publishing has actually come a long way, on looking back, but we will always have further to go.


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