Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Releases and Submission Calls

So far this month, two new ebooks have been released.

Amethyst Stormrider's horror short story "Pollinations of Jardinia: Snake Hunter of Jardinia" is available in many ereader formats on Smashwords.
Jardinia, a planet where all life is plant based, whether mobile or not. The wer, met in "Pollinations of Jardinia: Flowers of Desire," are not the only predatory species on Jardinia. Meet the snus in this short horror story. What happens when a flos leaves her Garden? It depends on if she keeps company, and how careful she is. Horror warning: Snus tend to eat flos. 

Teresa Garcia has also released a small collection of spirit and dragon stories, "Stories of Spirits" and is also available in several ereader formats.
Five short stories of dragon spirits and ancestors, in a Japanese milleau. Some are set in ancient times, others are more modern. Each short story that has new vocabulary has a mini-glossary of Japanese terms that were utilized. Includes: "Ancestors," "Dragon Dance," "So Close, So Far," "Dark and Light," and "Watcher."

We are also still collecting dragon stories and poetry for the anthology "The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury."  Essays, if sent, will not be turned away though, and writers of all ages are welcome, though we are particularly interested in displaying young author's works to help them.  Submissions will close at the end of July 2013, to give plenty of time, so if you want to share the news with you school, feel free to.

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