Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Call of the Kami audiobook is now heading to retail

Just a few moments ago I approved the audio edition of Call of the Kami by Teresa Garcia/Teresa Huddleston-Garcia, as narrated by Andrea C. Missias, for production.  This means that in two to three weeks it will be available in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes for purchase, joining print and ebook editions.

I learned a lot during this production that will help with future audiobooks.  Always have lots of time in the contract for production is one of them, because the narrators and producers often have other projects as well ahead of what you are wanting them to work on, and have lives.  We had lots of time built into the contract, and life proceeded to happen more than expected.  So I was very glad that this project had a flexible time frame.  Good things are worth waiting for, and rushing something makes no sense.

I'm very pleased with how the audiobook turned out, and proud to have it joining the other projects.  I hope that you readers enjoy it...  My daughter had me pausing the audio often while trying to decide where the sample should come from, so that we could talk about each piece and some of the stories behind them.  Exactly the sort of reaction I wanted.

Also, a big happy birthday to my daughter.

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