Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Titles in "Read an Ebook Week" at Smashwords (Mar 3-9)

I am participating in Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords. From March 3 to March 9 specific books from THG StarDragon Publishing will be marked down with the use of coupon codes. If you have been waiting to get one of these titles from Smashwords, this may be your chance. One is not available on Amazon. These coupon codes and pricings are only applicable for purchases on Smashwords.

Novels and Poetry From Teresa Garcia:

Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind (Book One of the Dragon Shaman series) - $1.97 currently, or FREE with coupon code REW50.
BlowingWind, a young multicultural woman growing up in the forests of the Mount Shasta area, has her life path changed when her guardian spirit and promised one dies in an ecological accident. Now she must go on a quest to heal herself, find her true path, recover her soul, and find where her guardian spirit is reborn. The spirit world works in strange ways, will she be able to balance between the two worlds she knows of? Who is Ryu really? (main genre: fantasy)

Dragon Shaman: The Smoky Mirror (Book Two of the Dragon Shaman series) - $1.99 currently, or 25% off ($1.49) with coupon code REW25.
BlowingWind's quest and training continues, taking her travelling through time this time to recover an obsidian mirror that was stolen from her... and to discover that she herself may have some involvement in the curse that has followed the family for generations. (main genre: fantasy)

Call of the Kami - $1.99, or 50% off ($0.99) with coupon code REW50.
Dragons, Kami, Miko, Youkai. The world is a multilayered thing. With this book, explore a bit of the history of the Miko, the application of Shinto principles in life, and hear the denizens of the spirit world. (main genre: religion/mythological poetry)

Poetry From Steven Disney:


Mend this Heart: The First Year - $2.97 currently, or 50% off ($1.49) with coupon code REW50. (main genre: G/L/B poetry)
Perceptions of the Mind - $4.97 currently, or 50% off ($2.48) with coupon code REW50. (main genre:G/L/B poetry) 

Poetry from Elizabeth Buckley:


The Beast, the Hope, the Only Sun - $1.99 currently, or 25% off ($0.99) with coupon code REW25. Follow the path of three different characters as they struggle to heal. Do they find solace and transformation? (main genre: psychological poetry)

Short Story From Amethyst Stormrider:


Pollinations of Jardinia: Flowers of Desire - $0.99 currently, or FREE with coupon code REW25.
Meet a planet full of mobile sentient plants, where man has never and will never set foot, and are not even conceived of. The first in a set of stand alone stories about this world, this is an experiment in world building through related shorts. Three stories currently exist, with more to follow (some adult, some general audience). This title is only viewable with the adult filter off. (main genre: ADULT alien species sci-fi)

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