Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An update on "Stories of Spirits" by Teresa Garcia in audio

Sketch from Heartland Studios says that Jacquelyn Wyer's recording of the first 15 minutes for "Stories of Spirits" will likely be uploaded tonight. Jacquelyn will be bringing her Japanese accent to some of the characters in these short stories, a product of her upbringing by a Japanese mother. I feel that this should greatly enhance the reading... as the spirits should all be thought of as having one (whether the tale is one set in the ancient past, or one where the spirits are bubbling into modern experience).

I am looking forward to hearing this.

The cover art for the audio version is done, and will be matching that of the book. When designing the cover, a whole tama (spirit, jewel) was a very important consideration since the stories are all meant from the spirit point of view. Ancestors especially, but there are stories where the living character could be interpreted either as an incarnated spirit... or a woman possessed... depending on the filter used. That state is actually one that I found very interesting to write since I had to hold the dual frame firmly in mind as it needs to be left up to the reader as to which view they take. That story will be particularly interesting to hear whether or not I managed, and if the narrator captures it.

What do the different colors mean? That's for you to figure out.

stories of spirits audiobook cover 
Meanwhile, it's currently available in text.

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