Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Writing Contest

In order to collect the prize you'd need to create a Second Life account, which is free. You can then convert the prize money and withdraw it, or you can use it within the world.

Spring Writing Contest

Any writing is welcome for this contest, whether it's a story, limerick, tanka, essay... write the way that you are most comfortable. Any length is eligible, just please don't give me an entire novel (novel = 80,000 words).

Prompt: It is a beautiful spring day. You're having a picnic. Suddenly this big crystal egg lands in the potato salad! What happens next?

Submissions due: May 30, 2016, midnight.

Starting Prize: 1629$L
Upped to: 12029$L (around 40$US)
Number of Prizes: 1

Due to how FEW entries past contests got there will only be one prize. Runners up might be chosen at judge discretion depending on how many entries are received. In that event then additional but non monetary prizes will be arranged. If anyone wishes to donate an item for a possible prize then please IM me, and as usual $L prize donations can be sent to the bank via the tip jars at collection points. Hanaarashi Resident (Kirsty Makay) is the account being used to hold the prize money until distribution.

Submission/Collection Points:

1. Proper spelling and grammar is nice, take the time to proof read. Poorly spelled entries won't be turned away, but those with good spelling/grammar may sit higher in the ranks.

2. Notecard naming: your legacy name (not display name): Spring Writing Contest 2016

3. On the notecard put
-1) What you consider your submission to be (haiku, story, essay etc.)
-2) Title of your work (if you're naming it)
-3) Name you wish to be announced under if different from your legacy name
-4) Genre (if applicable)
-5) Your work.

4. For readability please make sure there is an empty line between each paragraph and/or heading.

5. Make sure your piece uses the writing prompt suggested.

6. You can submit more than one entry, but each entry has the same chance as any other.

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