Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Monday, May 15, 2017

How To: Reviews

When writing a review there are some things you will want to consider and touch on. You don't have to do them all, but the more you do the more thorough the review. This is primarily for books but can be applied to other items.
Main Body
  • Title and Author
  • Book Summary
  • Technical aspects, quality, accuracy
  • Emotional Impact
  • Age range intended vs. Age range you feel it appeals to
  • Suggested Readers
Star Ratings
  • Some places use star ratings for how much the book was enjoyed by the reader.
  • Some places use star ratings for quality purposes
  • Some places do a combined system.
When you have negative things...
  • Point out what you like
  • CONSTRUCTIVELY Point out what you do not like or did not work for you. some criticism is ok, but it has to be done in a fashion that is not harmful and that might help a writer (beginner or not) improve.
  • ALWAYS be polite.
  • ALWAYS be honest.
  • If you feel better bringing up detracting things in direct conversation with the author then it is good to do so. This also helps conversation between author and audience, and you might get lucky enough for that author to talk with you about character motivation or get told about planned future developments or backstory that exists but can't be public knowledge yet.

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