Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Illustration Share: Queen of Glass

It was time to do a fully human figure again. May I present the Queen of Glass. I don't have a story for her or a set character as of yet, but at some point I might. I did this merely as an excuse to work with the human form again, even though humans are not my favorite.

This is sized down from the original so that it will upload on my internet connection to my DeviantArt gallery. The inspirations for this are Grinmir-Stock's "Sigrid 14" and a simplified version of the stained glass inspired dresses sewn by Creel in "Dragon Slippers" by Jessica Day George. This is not a character from Ms. George's works, just something that I wanted to draw as it was time to practice humans again. The Queen of Glass currently hides her bench, but I imagine it as having stained glass insets.

I especially enjoyed the fur trimmed cloak for some reason.

Executed on 9 x 12 inch 80 weight paper with mechanical and color pencils.

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