Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Audio Recording Ponderings

Something interesting that I have noticed while doing recordings of reviews and stories is that my AMORNO bluetooth headset seems to record very cleanly in Audacity at about -88 for a sound floor. Very quiet, quite pleasing, much lower naturally than the -65 ACX and FindAWay requires. Not a lot to do when in processing to boost the RMS up and the noise floor stays acceptable on recordings made using it. The drawback is when my hair falls on it and gets picked up by the microphone so I have to remember to have my hair pulled back when using it. Going back over on ones not intended for sale, just as tracks intended for the library and for finding the sweet points of equipment I find spots where hair falls.

As much as I love using a lavaliere with my Zoom H2N much of the time I still end up with a background hum and have not tracked it down fully as to the cause. It could be a combination of the wire, wires near each other for the remote, the light (it's worse now that I've switched the lights in here to LED, not so bad with the florescent, and much improved when using incandescent light), and the power meter just outside my room. I know it would be even noisier when boosting RMS if mom had allowed the power company to put a smart meter on the house. I wish I kept the links to those people that had been checking noise floor near those with their own recordings. I'd have liked to have compared theirs to mine.

I'll have to set up the H2N on my mic stand again at some point soon to check what the current ambient noise floor is and see how much of a difference in noise there is going back to that way. The drawback is in not having the mic kept a uniform distance from my mouth when my body has to shift while reading.

I am still working my way through the tracks for The Ian's Realm books one through three. I'm not getting as much speed as I'd like due to other things that also have been needing taken care of.

Regarding recordings made with the camera as it ages I really don't remember it being so noisy when I first bought it from the neighbor years and years ago. I am not ready to replace it with a newer camcorder though as I have higher priority items. On the other hand it sort of works well for videos intended to have some element of ASMR, as for me at least those camera noises trigger my own.

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