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Selkies' Skins
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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Ame's Art Desk: Mushroom Sticker Art

There are other mushroom pieces I will do for a sheet of mushroom stickers. I don't expect I can afford a booth at the local Mushroom Festival this year or get items produced in time for this year. I am focusing on being able to afford my yearly booth at the Lumberjack Fiesta in McCloud and need to double-check how much I owe for this year's calendar ad (only one of the two ladies involved in calendar expenses has contacted me so far). However, perhaps the sheet as well as Lumberjack-related sticker art will both be ready and printed by that time.

The first one played around with in this video is inspirited by the Blue Oyster mushroom. The second is taking extreme liberty with the Inky Cap mushroom.

These are done in Procreate on an iPad (9th generation) using an iPencil (1st). The first one used mainly the studio ink brush in the inking. The second focused on using the waterbrush from the calligraphy set.

Before anyone asks why so much more time was spent on the first it is because I became dissatisfied with the colors. And style. And picky.

Music: "Magic Moon - Restless heart (rnb beat mix)" by RobbH 
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