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Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Book Review: The Meaning Wars Complete Omnibus by Michelle Browne

This is a great book to review, especially since it is currently pride month. Thanks to Michelle Browne, a lovely lady, for writing this masterpiece.

I love sci-fi, and even better is sci-fi that takes on social issues that mean something in the present day. There is an element of romance, and we follow several couples. Some of those couples are poly, some are straight, and some are not, just like life in the present day. The main plotline though is not the relationships, but the more significant threat that all of these couples, brought together from various space colonies along with a beautiful seasoning of pirates and revolutionaries, are facing. Spiritualism, which can be understood like today's Spiritism & Zen tossed in a blender and ramped up exponentially, and then warped as always happens with large spiritual movements, is now spreading and threatening to take over the whole solar system and ultimately resulting in getting Earth kicked out of the InFed because the aliens are NOT up for tolerating toddler system bs. I think that scene and the following consequences scene were my favorites and share first place, with the pirate station harboring the xenobotanist falling into second. If you like Star Trek, you'll like this.

Getting back to the characters, they were all very well-rounded and personified, even the one who turned villain and participated in the twisting of the non-religion of Spiritualism. The interplay of them all didn't feel contrived except where the author wanted it to. I feel like it would be a spoiler to mention exactly who that is, so I'll leave it to you to find it.

The above is the review that I posted on Amazon, which should cross-populate later to Goodreads. I'm archiving it here as well just in case, for some reason, it ever gets taken down. It happens from time to time and I'm never sure why. I will record this and a reading excerpt to my Youtube. For now, if you want to read this great book, follow the link below!

Or the full series listing

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