Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Monday, July 30, 2012


It feels a bit odd that, when I open the publishing mailbox, to think "This is where I look for submissions, supplies, and book proofs."  It is even odder to see that yellow slip of paper telling me to go into the office and get a box of something that was too big to fit, and know "this is that new proof I was waiting on.  It's here."  Odder yet is to go in and say "Hey guys, how's it going?  I do believe you've got a book proof for me to look over."

I handed daughter her mail from our personal box, and I opened the box for work right there in the car in front of the post office.  I like the book from the Createspace printer better than the Lulu.  The paper feels better, and the volume actually is thinner, though the book is the same...  Even the cover has a better feel to the touch.  I can ask lower prices for something that just feels better.  So, though I will keep Lulu as a printer and distributor, it is looking very like this other one is preferable now (despite the entity it is connected with).  Lower prices is more likely to mean more sales.  I even like this ink better that was used, it looks crisper.

*sigh* Migrations though...  However, with this in mind, the new edition of the Dragon Shaman's book one that was intended just for ebook looks very like I will do print as well, then launch that together once Salaiek is done with the recover.

This just feels weird.

It was very nice to be stopped by the neighbor currently reading the first book to be told how much he is enjoying it.  He made me blush when he told me how excited he was that he had learned a new word that he had needed to look up.  It makes me happy to know that my intentions are being met and appreciated.

It's just getting the book to those in the niche.

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