Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
Current book in series Temple and Skinquest. Enjoy Castle and Well from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords while waiting for that and the prequel's audiobook "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals".

Friday, July 13, 2012

Question and a Promotional Interlude (or dreaded commercial)

Question is at the bottom.

There are now a total of three stand alone children's short stories in "The Adventures of Lightning the Cat" that I am distributing through Smashwords. Two of them are free, while one is normally a $.99 download. Starting now and until July 31, if you use code SSWIN you will be able to get "Lightning's Job" free, as part of the Smashwords summer sale.

Q: But T, you've published through Lulu for so long with THG StarDragon Publishing? Why are you starting to put ebooks over on Smashwords?
A: Smashwords makes more formats available than just .pdf or .epub, and different ereaders need different file types. Since I can still get the ebooks into the main publishing channels with this e-printer, and the coupon process is so easy for when I want to do promotion prices, it makes sense.

Q: So... what happens with the ebooks you've go up at Lulu?

A: They will stay there. But revisions I will do at Smashwords, and that way if someone is particularly attached the old version will still be available, since Lulu's ebooks don't keep an old version available if I redo a book there. And for the ebooks already extant, I will get those transferred over and set so that the currently unavailable formats become available.
Q: So... what about print books?
A: You'll still find the print books at Lulu. All my print versions I'll use Lulu as my printer/distributor.

Q: Any plans for audiobooks?
A: Yeah, I've been thinking about it. I've had several people interested in audio version since they do so much driving and want to read my books, but only have the time to be read to. I have to do more research though and figure out how I'd fund it (taking volunteers on readers).

Q: Posting the next segment of Selkies' Skins?
A: Sunday sometime.

Question for the readers:
Do you want the segments short like I have been doing, long, one chapter at a time no matter how long, or does it matter?

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