Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Victoria Davis' Artwork Feature

Victora Davis is one of the artists that does cover art for THG StarDragon Publishing for Teresa Garcia.  Book covers she has done so far are Dragon Shaman Book Two, and The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury, and she is doing the re-cover for Dragon Shaman Book One.

Her work is also an integral part of the British online browser based roleplaying game Dragon Hearts.  She does the seasonal images, the default profile pics, chat glyphs, and whatever else the game creator decides needs official imagery.  There are some Cafe Press stories that have her artwork for sale, though not all of the game art has gone in them.  If you play the game though and see something on the artwork page you like, you can ask and it can be added to a product for you.  Twenty five percent of all sales are split between the game and the artist, the rest goes toward the maufacture of items and the associated fees for the Cafe Press venue.

Dragon Hearts Art for sale:
Custom Items Store
Red Dragon Store
Blue Dragon Store
Purple Dragon Store
White Dragon Store
Bronze Dragon Store
Yellow Dragon Store
Green Dragon Store
Pewter Dragon Store
Obsidian's Favourites

She also has a presence on Deviant Art, as well as Imagekind.

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