Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

And after the Kickstarter... yep still busy here.

Tomorrow is the first day of my next class, International Organizations.  It looks to be an interesting eight weeks, looking at the book.  I see a section on copyright, which I'm definitely looking forward to, as I hope that will help me more for my international author and in the international publishing.  I'm very glad that a very special friend some few years ago told me about the American Public University so that I could go further in my education despite my family situation.  Not only will it help my writing, and help in the publishing world, it brings me closer to a childhood dream.

I'm waiting on a few more replies from my Kickstarter backers, and getting to work on the parts of the packages that are to be delivered early.  Marantha Dreamweaver Jenelle had given me many backgrounds to use for my stories and poetry.  The backers that get a poem and a story respectively will be getting their hardcopies using those backgrounds.  Depending what format they choose for their ecopies, they will also get that on those as well.

More information about how to get your own can be found here.  She has a HUGE library of suitable backgrounds and images that she has created, and you might even be able to get her to design custom stationery if you were to ask about it.  I mean huge.  She filled my inbox to overfull when giving me copies, so she's got to have something suitable to any project you have.  And she is very creative, so there's always more coming.

Work on the postcard drawings will be starting soon as well, I am just waiting on stock to arrive.  I'll be contacting my editor soon to have her go over section one so that I can get the ecopies of the available installments in the webnovel out to the backers in January.

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