Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Friday, November 30, 2012

A look at the coming year

So, this coming year is going to be busy:

1. Selkies' Skins Project:
Selkies' Skins will have the first section of the story (all the released serial episodes from start to Dec 1, 2012... plus perhaps a surprise) released in a mini volume to the Kickstarter backers in January 2013.  Other items to go out in January are icon sized and computer backgrounds of story related art and postcards with messages and custom art on the backs.
The Kickstarter also generated one story and one poem to be fulfilled
Selkies' Skins full book to be finished, edited, covered, and released in December 2013 to certain project backers.  After theirs are fulfilled, it opens up for everyone else to order.

There are just a few hours left, so if you're thinking about contributing and securing some rewards, now's the time.

2. AyaMayA
AyaMayA by Ayam Yogi Abraxas to be finished, edited, covered, and released in November 2013.

3. Dragon Shaman
Still waiting on cover art from Victoria "Salaiek" Davis for the second edition of Dragon Shaman Book One, which fixes some mistakes that were found in the first edition.  Once I receive the cover art for the second edition, I can release that.

4. Audiobooks
Still need narration for books one and two of Dragon Shaman.  Audiobook for The Adventures of Lightning the Cat is being worked on, and probably the only one I will voice myself, unless I adapt "The Little Blue Rosebud" for the children as well.  Considering having Steven Disney's two poetry books adapted for audio.

Any other projects accepted will be slated to see work start in 2014, as I need to keep time open for school and vetting audiobooks once I can get the audiobook projects a narrator.  This way I can ensure the projects will have enough time to receive proper attention.  This also gives time for people interested in making submissions plenty of time to do any preliminary revisions before showing me or submitting inquiries.

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