Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Selkies' Skins Kickstarter update, Call of the Kami, Dragon Shaman


Forty-nine hours as of now left on the Kickstarter for Selkies' Skins.  Currently a total of $251 has been pledged.  Not only will it fund on Dec 1st, but we reached one of the stretch goals.  The cover art for the print edition of the book will be covered (depending on the artist's work, the current cover for the ebook edition may wind up as an inside cover or an end page for continuity's sake).  I'm very pleased by this, as it means that I'm not having to dig in my personal slush fund as deeply to bring this project to the market.

Will we be able to hit the next stretch goal ($626 total) in time to afford paying a narrator up front for an audio version, instead of having to do a royalty share agreement?  Let's find out!  If we don't manage to get all the way to that stretch goal, there are other aspects of the project that the extra cash can help cover or reimburse, or we might even generate enough to still make a tidy up front payment to entice an excellent voice with (and if you've got a narrator suggestion in mind, or someone itching to do it, let me know and I'll look for them once Selkies' is in the ACX system).

Call of the Kami:

In a couple weeks, the poetry book "Call of the Kami" will have the first 15 minutes of audio ready for me to check and approve.  Andrea Missias and I are pretty excited about this.  Considering how old the poetry is now, and what a different frame of mind I was in when writing those poems, I'm very interested to hear her rendition of them.

Dragon Shaman:

I'm still looking for voice talent for recording the first and second book in the Dragon Shaman series.  My friend Travers Stevenson was going to see about doing it, but I've not heard from him or received any audition yet on the project.  So in the interim, I am still open to auditions on both projects.
Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind
Dragon Shaman: The Smoky Mirror

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