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Selkies' Skins
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stationery testing for Marantha D. Jenelle

Marantha D. Jenelle is one of my authors, and does many other things besides write. I will be interviewing my own authors at a later date. Today, I have a little request and opportunity for those interested.

Marantha D. Jenelle can use some help in testing her editable computer stationery. As Win8 is such a strange thing, she can really use some testers for that platform, with Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice word processors.

I have used it successfully on Win XP (before the XP box went to endless reboot, thanks a lot SP3...), Win Vista, and Win 7. Win 8 seems to be a bit off kilter right now though.

Again, testers are needed so she can get the kinks worked out to figure out why Win 8 is making things difficult. The format that I need works just fine, the Word format is the one she's trying to get to work correctly before she opens her store.

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