Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Big Candle sale and a supplier swap

Regarding JIC Nation
THG StarDragon Illuminations (the candles and things added through JIC Nation AKA Jewelry In Candles) will soon be transferring to JewelScents and Gemstra. Once my sales account with them is set up I will redirect to that store for ease of finding things. For now until the 30th it stays pointing at my JIC rep store. I was not given very much notice that JIC is closing.

Take advantage of the 50% off now while you can. Everything needs to go. I will have what physical candle and tarts stock from the candles until I either buy them from myself to keep, or if someone wishes to buy them at the Logger Fiesta in late July.

For anyone that was interested in the weight loss coffee, THAT is one of the items that I know will be moving over to Gemstra as a partner. If you hadn't gotten the opportunity to try that stuff yet, this is a good time to.

Regarding THG StarDragon Publishing
This speed bump should not harm my publishing company in any way. The candles and coffee were intended as a branch anyway, and having sold as a rep meant that I personally was responsible although I was also keeping things clear as to the association by carrying over the brand name with my chosen supplier. I am still available for editing, proof reading, website proofing/testing, illustration, narration, retyping, and being a publisher for those interested in being published by THG StarDragon Publishing. Bookmarks for now will remain available only in person, although I do intend to later have them up in Etsy or another storefront possibility I have heard about. carries on with Rowan Wookey being my ever gracious web developer.

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