Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Candle Flash Sale and a Raffle

Candles go great with books. This is why I've also started selling candles with JIC Nation, or Jewelry in Candles. These candles are 100% soy based, sourced from soy that has been grown completely within the USA. These candles do not tunnel as easily as paraffin candles and do not soot unless you trim the wick incorrectly, meaning less black stuff to get into your lungs and soil your books.

Right now there is a sale going on. Using code FLASH at checkout discounts items from the Jewelry in Candles line, the Basics, and the JIC Naturals items. There is a lot more than JUST candles in the THG StarDragon Illuminations store, but the candles are tarts are what got me deciding to go with this particular company.

I do wish they offered votive candles too though.

Please go and look at what is on offer by clicking the graphic below, pick a favorite scent, and if you get one with jewelry I wish you luck as you could potentially receive a piece worth thousands of dollars.

Additionally, I am holding a raffle. Each candle purchase counts as an entry into my raffle for a Pink Flame candle. If you do not feel you can afford a candle you can also purchase a raffle ticket for $5 directly from me. The winner will receive a Pink Flame candle out of my stock on hand, or I will buy and send the scent the winner wants if I do not have it in my personal stock. My raffle will go until the last day of July. August first I will choose the winner and contact them. 

Raffle tickets are purchasable in person or via Paypal. Remember, every candle purchase from the candle store will also count as an entry!
The Raffle is a three pronged activity, and is in part a benefit drive. 1) I want to share how cool these candles are. 2) The Pink Flame isn't a cheap candle, and I know there are lots of people out there that might like the opportunity to have one of their own. 3) My daughter and I are taking my son to Disneyland for his 8th grade trip. He is autistic and needs to have several adults in case of over-stimulation. This is his first major trip since the passing of his grandfather (on my side) in December of 2008 so we expect it to bring up a lot of additional things for him to deal with. We have met our minimum to take him. However that is just our minimum, and my mother is wishing to extend the trip so that he can have time on the way back up the entire state of California to see some other places as well. This will help fund the extension. Anything left over would be split between a fund to prepare for his high school graduation in 4 years (Disney World is that goal) and toward a fund to pay Illya Leonov up front to record the first book of the Dragon Shaman series. When I contracted him to record Selkies' Skins he also was interested in recording the Dragon Shaman books. I want to make sure that he gets sufficient funding up front this time as the royalty share is taking longer than I had wished to give him a good return for his time.

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