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Selkies' Skins
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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Elizabeth Buckley's Poetry "The Beast, The Hope, and the Only Sun" now available on Audible

The Beast, The Hope, and the Only Sun is finally available in audio for Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

Elizabeth Buckley gathers a collection of poems from the points of view of some of her characters. The Beast, the Hope, and the Only Sun provides snapshots into their development. Written as a high school student, the poems also reflect a journey out of depression, from start to the shining light at the end. Who are the Beast, and the Hope, and who or what is the Sun? Written by Elizabeth Buckley and voiced by her aunt and publisher Teresa Garcia of THG StarDragon Publishing, it is their hope to help others realize that they are not alone and the Sun always rises.

If you purchase a copy through one of the links for Audible below and it is your first purchase we get a bounty. The royalties are split between myself and the author.

US Audible:

UK Audible:

France Audible:

Germany (DE) Audible:

You don't have to buy only through Audible though! You can look for it on Gumroads, and Findaway Voices has helped me with getting it distributed to a wider range of outlets as well so keep checking your favored outlet for it. Or perhaps you'd like a physical copy, in which case I would prepare and burn that to disk in house. I'll of course happily take preorders closer to the time for the Lumberjack Fiesta so that I don't have too many to worry about damaging... and as Liz lives only a few miles away it is a very fast job to procure a SIGNED copy of the audiobook if directly ordered.

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