Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
Current book in series Temple and Skinquest. Enjoy Castle and Well from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords while waiting for that and the prequel's audiobook "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals".

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Children’s Catalog
To streamline the site more the various catalogs have been revamped. There are still three pages, one for all ages books, one aimed for children’s books, and one for more advanced or adult-oriented works. All pages will have links to where to get all editions of each book in question. For direct orders please send the book title and amount via email and you will be invoiced, also specifying if you are an individual, bookstore, or library. Payment must be received before shipping. Larger direct from publisher orders may take longer, and unless there is a request for signed copies my be shipped directly from the printing facility used.
You are currently viewing the children’s catalog. This is the home of books and stories themed for readers 12 and below. Some are intended for those on the lower end of the age scale.

Very Young
My Family Is Different
Jessica Baumgartner and Illustrated by Laura Winship-Fanaei
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Every parent one day comes to the discussion of how their family is different, whether they are mainstream or not. Join this little girl as she discovers the beauty of the world in a different facet of the jewel that we usually see, and discover what she learns about herself and her friends along the way. An illustrated brief exploration of different faiths that a child might find their friends' families following, Suited for very young explorers.

8 and up
The Adventures of Lighting the Cat: Lightning's Job
By Teresa Garcia

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Lightning the cat identifies as both cat and human due to his upbringing. He has a very important job, make sure that the household runs smoothly, which means make sure that Mother remembers to take care of herself, not just everyone else. A short and sweet child's story, this is just a glimpse into the life of Lightning, who eventually will have other tales to share.

The Adventures of Lightning the Cat: The Battle of the Tomato
Teresa Garcia
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Lightning the Cat has a very important job, to ensure the household runs smoothly. But sometimes, he just can't help a little mischief, especially if a tomato is involved. Join Lightning as his series of short stories starts rolling. Ah, it's a cat's life... This story is intended and written for young children.

The Adventures of Lightning the Cat: Disarmament
Teresa Garcia
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Lightning the Cat has a very important job, to ensure the household runs smoothly. Even more important though, he is a registered care kitty for a little girl that has been with him since almost day one of his life. Keeping Mother, Daughter, and Son happy and mentally healthy is no easy job! Especially as Son, an autistic boy, starts sharing his world with the family finally.

The Adventures of Lightning the Cat: Collection One
Author: Teresa Garcia
Narrator: Teresa Garcia
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A collection of three short stories, from the life of Lightning, a real live care kitty.
Lightning has a lot of work since his family consists of one perpetually stressed preteen, a young autistic boy, and a mother balancing university, children, and being an author. Join Lightning in his adventures as a care kitty.
Contains a special extended version of "Lightning's Job" as well as "The Battle of the Tomato" and "Disarmament".
"Lightning's Job" introduces us to Lightning, and his love of a particular red fruit. In "Battle of the Tomato" see whether he gets his way and wins his tomato. Join Son and Lightning in "Disarmament" while Lightning saves the day and makes the path back to the apartment safe for Mother to bring in the laundry.
Good for helping show children some of the many things service cats (care kitties) do, as there are more service animals than just dogs.
Lightning's stories are meant as stand-alone mini stories, but it was suggested to bundle them, as well, for children to listen to.

Stories of Spirits
Teresa Garcia
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Five short stories of dragon spirits and ancestors, in a Japanese milleau. Some are set in ancient times, others are more modern. Each short story that has new vocabulary has a mini-glossary of Japanese terms that were utilized.
Dragon Dance
So Close, So Far
Dark and Light
and Watcher

The Dragons’ Beads: A Treasury (volume 1)
Various Authors
Edited by Teresa Garcia
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This first volume of what is hoped to be a multi volume project highlights essays, art, poetry, and short stories featuring and/or about dragons. Originally it was supposed to be a contest to highlight the best dragon stories and poems from young authors. The project had to be adjusted due to a lack of submissions (likely because this is a young and little known publisher). Perhaps future volumes will be able to have more competition, and it is hoped that in the future THG StarDragon Publishing will be able to afford having cash prizes to fuel writer’s interest in exchange for featuring the “beads” of their stories.

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