Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Friday, August 17, 2018

Spotlight Blog: Hope's Story by Tracy Kushwaha

Today I'd like to share a new book with you. I have read a different book by this author but I thought I would give her new book a little boost as it dovetails nicely with the stories I have about Lightning. I'd like to think that Lightning would approve of giving a little limelight to another service animal. I look forward to reading this once it finishes downloading.

Hope's Story by Tracy Kushwaha is a fun little tale following the dog Hope as she seeks for a forever home and finds not only a home, but a purpose. Click below for a convenient link to the Kindle edition.
Hope's Story

Other works by Tracy include Harriet the Brave (which I have read) and Harriet and the Spaghetti Snake. I am providing links to those as well below.

Harriet The Brave
Harriet The Brave

Harriet and the Spaghetti Snake
Harriet and the Spaghetti Snake

Monday, July 2, 2018

Indie Author Day

What? Is it Indie Author Day already?

Some of you might not know this yet, but I am an author. I started my publishing company (THG StarDragon Publishing) due to how difficult I found it to get published, and to help other authors that fell into the same area of subject interest.

Indie authors, please feel free to drop an intro and what sort of things you write in a comment below and a link(s) to where your work can be found. Please put them in one post if you can. Then perhaps someone else that's looking for something new to read might find your works.

Readers, please remember when you've read something an author has labored over that a review or even just a star rating helps them. Writing (illustrating too) is a lonely job. It helps them when they see that their labors are being viewed.

Teresa's Works

I prefer to write fantasy and poetry. My fantasy leans toward high fantasy that is heavily influenced by different world cultures, folklore, and mythology. The major stories that I am working with all fall into personal growth and coming of age. They also deal with those who are of mixed heritages and what they go through. I do have some children's stories meant for younger readers as well. The stories about Lightning the Cat are actual happenings. Even though he is now gone, perhaps some day I will have the time to write about other key adventures that he and my daughter had in his time as her service cat and emotional support animal.



Other Authors

You can find THG StarDragon Publishing books from other authors on Amazon here:

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It is update time

For those that have been following me on the Patreon it is no surprise that I am nearing the end of audio recording for The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy penned by D.L. Gardener. I am also working on illustrations for yet another children's book being put out by Pen It.

As I visit the website for the publishing company I notice that I need to find out why the updates that were made for there still are not showing up. It needs updating again anyway. I really need to find a way to streamline things a little more, so when things die down somewhat with all of the projects I will talk to Rowan about combining the blog and the website into one thing.

Missing pages are viewable due to my having redundancy in place (just in case) by visiting the Facebook page and reading in the notes or by viewing the side tabs on this blog site.

In other recent news the Fetu Saga for this year's storyline on has the next chapter challenge live finally. For those just finding this area, Dragon Hearts is a free to play browser and text based game that is accentuated with original art. The adventures both solo development and seasonal challenge based center around the lives of dragons, and your dragon, in a world of sometimes very quirky and eccentric dragons.

Fetu sneezed on Obsidian on his way home from visiting Amehana, Sandsfire and many other dragons (and landmarks) earlier this year. That darn Fetu. This is why the May Day challenge got launched late, but also why it will go all month!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Podcast: Moey's Big Back Yard

Do you remember the dog book I illustrated for? You can meet the author in this podcast. I am so ecstatic that the interviewer termed the art as "whimsical" as that is exactly what I was aiming for.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

New Blog Page: Co-op projects

A new page has been created in the sidebar of the Publishing Blog for Cooperative publications with other publishers and external works participated in by those that have worked with me. It will gradually expand and eventually also be placed on the publishing main website. The works that will be listed generally are ones in which I or the one listed had been paid a lump sum or hourly fee unless otherwise noted. If you purchase after clicking through on the Amazon links I will receive a little bit of kickback via the Amazon Referral Program. This is turn helps to make it a little bit easier for me to work for lower wages.

Cooperative Publications

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cover Reveal - The Dark Side of Springwood: Devious Connections by Jennifer Brown

Although this book is not released by my publishing house I do participate in cross promotion when I am approached if it is something that sounds interesting. Today we have a suspense fiction cover reveal. This time the guest is Jennifer Brown with her tale:

The Dark Side of Springwood
Devious Connections

Release Date: May 15, 2018

Everyone has secrets...some are just darker than others.
Dr. Brent Parker is well known for his success rate with patients, and once he gets wind of Jocelyn Barnes's story he extends an invitation to her to appear on his reality show, Dr. Brent. As the Barnes prepare for their lives to be even more publicized with the arrival of the Dr. Brent crew, jury selection begins in Jocelyn's trial.

When a dead body found in Mercy Park draws a visit from the Barnes' long estranged Aunt Liz, and their cousin Danielle, matters get complicated. As Jocelyn welcomes reconnecting with her cousin, other memories resurface that lead to devastating results.

As dark secrets are revealed, twisted links to the past arise and taunt the Barnes family as they
deal with yet another deadly reality.

Look for it in your favorite book retailer!

You can find out more about this author and her works at her website.