Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Website update and a reminder about the Divine Inspirations

There are a couple announcements today.

1. The official website at has been updated with the latest info, and some new pages have been added. This means that the catalog is now up to date, and this has been broken into ebook titles, print titles, and forthcoming titles. The author listing has also been updated.

The links page there has also seen some rearranging, and some additions as well. Examples of the additions are links for the deviantart pages of those members of the team with accounts, and the inclusion of Michelle Browne's (author of The Stolen) editing website.

2. Today is also the day of the Divine Inspirations writing party.
Time: 6PM SLT (AKA Pacific Time)
We will be hanging out at the Arashiryuu Yashiro Kami-ya in Nemmers. Grease Coakes/John Krauss will be DJing and playing some of his favorite writing tunes (along with whatever other finds he has for us). Feel free to come chat with us, find a spot to settle in and work on poetry, a story, or just explore the shrine grounds. So far we have two authors, and non authors/poets or those thinking about getting into it are just as welcome. Human and non-human avatars are all welcome.


Register for a free account in Second Life and log in, then teleport to the above location. This will bring you to the rez point for the shrine grounds and other affiliated locations on the sim. We share space with another shrine. If you go under the torri that is past and to the left of the goshinboku (huge sacred tree) that is where people tend to congregate.

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