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Selkies' Skins
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Friday, October 18, 2013

The passing of Jan Parupia AKA Marantha D Jenelle

I have already made this announcement in other places, but it must be made here as well. My friend and one of my authors, Jan Parupia AKA Marantha Dreamweaver Jenelle is now gone. She passed October 8th of 2013, although I do not know what of. The last I had talked to her, she stated that the city water was poisoning her. If you live in Gladewater, TX it might behoove you to have water filters. She had numerous other health problems that I am aware of, so it is my thoughts that it was most likely a combination of all of them.

Marantha was a prolific author and artist, and loved to chat. She loved her service animals during the time that she had each of them and greatly loved her grandchild despite not being able to see her. This I know was her greatest regret. It is not the regrets that define a person though. It is their accomplishments. Despite being bi-polar she harnessed that and used it as fuel for her creativity. I will miss her long chats.

Among her works are "The Partner," "Homeward Bound," "Irony," and her in progress work "The Ihmayran Chronicles Trilogy." I do have the latest progress that she had uploaded to her file storage, so it is in the work lineup to give the final editing pass. She wanted it published even if it was after her death, and out there for her I plan to honor that.

None of this feels real to me. I expect the phone to ring and have Jan's voice come out asking how I am and eagerly launching into reading to me from the latest section she'd worked on, or asking how the kids are doing. She's not going to get to meet Faith face-to-face, or give me the "pixie hugs" (because I'm tiny and breakable) that we had looked forward to.

You will be missed Jan, but I'll make sure that your memory goes on.


Although the second one states that she was a member of the North Loop Church of Christ, she considered herself VEHEMENTLY anyone that talked to her for long often found out.

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