Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Triumphant Return Home And To The Desk

I have been quiet here recently. My foray into Haiku Month got cut short as I was unable to keep up with the one-a-day pace due to, this time, a family emergency which resulted in a very long cross-country drive. This was easier on my back than I expected but there were OTHER health dilemmas that relegated me mostly to the back seat. The hours trapped in a truck barely able to move my feet around at least paid off. I saw two uncles that I had not seen in about 30 years. The one who we were most worried about seemed to be actually getting better while we were there, and hopefully that trend continues so that his grandchildren (my very small cousins) will have a bit longer with him and so he can meet the one currently gestating like an egg under a heatlamp.

For the record, my family seems to have a lot of Pisces and Aquarians... and I'd forgotten, temporarily that one of my cousins and I almost share a birthday.

I have a book review or two I need to type out, which I was unable to write out while on the road. I couldn't even doodle, the roads were that rough. The others I don't know how they could deal with me, and it was a good thing I had stuff on my phone and tablet to read since I couldn't doodle.

Now that I'm home, there's a comic script I'm finally able to read over since THAT apparently hadn't transferred to my tablet. *Raises her eyebrow at her iPad pointedly.* I need to settle in and do some sketches for that, some doodles and an art piece for another person, catch up on those haiku purely because I don't want that dangling over me and irritating me so I won't lose motivation for the upcoming Mermay, recheck where I am on printing out things I've edited for a client to send off to them, review what is left in the files & folders I was derailed on due to health the previous months, and write out questions for an interview.

I also need to remember to answer a cancer history questionnaire for an upcoming video appointment.

Also the spring seasonal quest for Dragon Hearts RPG needs to be hammered out.

So, yes... I'm quiet HERE but still busy behind the scenes.

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