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Friday, September 6, 2013

Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Buckley

Author Interview

Today I’d like for the blog visitors to meet one of the wonderful authors that are published or otherwise assisted by THG StarDragon Publishing. Each of those authors has come to me with their own story and in their own ways, and it has been a pleasure working with them. For this post I’d like to introduce Elizabeth Buckley from McCloud, California. Elizabeth is the author of "The Beast, The Hope and the Only Sun." She also happens to be my niece, and she was still in high school when she first brought me the manuscript.

  • What got you started in writing?

A: I started writing as a way to release my emotions after my father passed away.

  • How did you find THG StarDragon Publishing?

A: I personally know the owner. She felt my poems were good enough to publish so she helped me out.

  • What is your favorite subject to write about?

A: My favorite things to write about tend to be emotions of describing the things I see.

  • Other than writing, what sort of things do you like to do?

A: I like to do outdoors activities, I play video games, read and make music videos.

  • Do you have any favorite books or authors?

A: I tend to like to read Fantasy books, books about vampires and historical fiction. Two of my favorite Authors are Dean Koonts and Anne Rice.

  • What do you feel are your influences?

A: My style of writing tends to be abstract and free form because I like to be different and don't like being restricted. My emotions tend to influence what I write. Some of my poems are written from what I feel about a person or thing.

  • What is the most important message that you want readers to find in your books?

A: I want them to see that despite how hard things might be, there is always a light.

  • Do you prefer to write on paper, or do you prefer to type on the computer?

A: I like to do both. It depends on when and where I get the inspiration to write.

  • Do you do anything special to get in the writing mood?

A: No, it usually just sort of happens. Though, music tends to help me keep in the mood.

  • What is your favorite place in the whole world?

A: My favorite place is anywhere I am with those I love and care about.

  • Which of your books was your favorite to write? Is there any special story about writing the book, or an experience, that you’d like to share?

A: Sadly I've only finished one but I am working on more books.

  • Is there anything else you’d like to tell us while we’re visiting with you?

A: Not that I can think of.

  • Do you mind if the publisher shares a short excerpt of one of your books to introduce the visitors here to your writing style?

A: That would be wonderful, thank you.

This excerpt will have a sampling of the three sections.

The Beast

Have you finally abandoned me?
Abandoned me in this hell?
I see I'm speaking to nothing
A figment of imagination that was never real
A hope I see now that is lost
I believed in you
Now I know my pleas of help are useless
I'm not giving up on life
Because I have something to live for
But I'm giving up on you
How can someone believe in a god that does not
look upon you


As I walk in this darkness,
This world that has lost its light
Can you see me?
A withered flower,
A worn photograph.
A tattered garment on the body of a lost child
Will you see me for who I am
Or will you see me for the beast I have become?
A beast driven mad by loss and fueled by the desire to serve.
Helpless to change what I’ve become.
Can you tell the pain I feel?
Can you see the beast within?
What do you see in my hollow eyes?
A child lost to insanity,
Or a woman that has become a beast?
What do you see behind my tired eyes?
Do you see the darkness that has enveloped the light,
Or do you see the light that disappeared into the darkness?
I sit in this darkness
Wondering ‘can you save me?’
‘Can I be pulled out of this loneliness?’
My sanity has been lost in this black abyss.

I have been put here because of people...
People pretending to be my friends.
Thank you for making me a beast.
Because of it I’m stronger at least.
That is all I have to thank you for.

The Hope

As the moonlight falls to dust
On the silvery lake afar
A lone girl stands there
Not yet a woman, but not a child.
As she stands there she says to the starry sky
Why am I alone?
If there is anything I need it's company.
She sat there like she has for the late year
Waiting for her prayers to be answered.
She stands alone in a sea of calamitous castaways
Where loneliness is caused by contact
And where emotions are unheard of.

The Sun
Only You

Broken wings, bloody and scared
Standing tall, through the pain
The pain is endless.
It doesn’t matter though,
Only you matter.
Every time you fall
I’ll be the one to pick you back up.
I’ll be your pillar, your strength
Even when mine is failing.
'Cuz all that matters is you.
Even when I’m dying
I can’t let it show.
I have to catch you
Even when I’m falling.
You are what matters.
But I don’t mind it,
Pain doesn’t scare me.
Only yours does.
Darkness doesn’t tempt me,

Only you can do that.
This life I live is meaningless
Unless I have you beside me...
Because in my life
Only you matter to me.

Thanks for this visit and telling us about you and your books. Liz, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. I hope you're still working toward being a History Professor.

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