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Friday, September 20, 2013

Landlocked by Tiffany Duane

Earlier this year I was asked by an author (whom I am a fan of) if I was interested in getting a chance to read a book before it was released to give my opinion on.

YES!!! Does a mountain lion hunt deer?

So after accepting and hopefully not looking like some raving fangirl (in all fairness, I can get all frothy sometimes) I looked forward to managing to get enough work cleared out that I could read it. I started...and then life happened.

There was much frothing and foaming in frustration. My mate likely wondered why I was getting so stressed out over not being able to read. Luckily this too is the sort of thing that passeth, and passeth it did. I got to finish reading finally and the world was bright and happy. Never get between a book lover and the book she's trying to finish.

It is now a few weeks since I posted my review on Goodreads, but it was not fair to cut this one in front of other posts that I had lined up. When it's a news update on one of the projects here that is one thing, and a review is a different horse.

Landlocked (Surface #2)Landlocked by Tiffany Daune
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There were a few typos, but they are not easily noticed when the storyline is pulling you along. It is a fast story, and definitely not one to start if you're going to get interrupted a lot. Block out time when reading this one and lock the door... Otherwise you are going to get just as grumpy as I was when I didn't have time to read. The storyline for me makes up for the point I would have taken off since I was often far beyond a point before I realized "hey... oh well... more story please."

Some of the description I found to be pretty unique. I especially liked the comparison of the waves with a sumo wrestler. I am also intrigued by these mermaids. As in the first book they are just as capricious. It is no small wonder that they were so mistrusted by mariners, and a very refreshing change from the Disneyfied versions.

All of the mermaids' capriciousness seems to center around protecting the flame, and I am looking forward to finding out more about that in the next book. I am also looking forward to seeing what becomes of Luc and Theia. I especially like how we discover the reason behind the "insta-love" between these two is due to several past lives together. It stands to reason then why they bonded so fast. It had already happened. As some of us are lucky enough to find friends and lovers that we can find such bonds with it makes sense that such things would be able to happen within this story as well.

The energy connections are thick in this one. I like how the instant attraction is given reasons, both star aligned and energetic. Energy use and magic comes to bear a lot more in this book, and her system has some pretty solid basis. The real villain in this was a surprise, it wasn't who I thought.

Read this one if you want some unusual mermaid stories, or if you just like magic. Mystery lovers should also enjoy this in my opinion.

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