Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Series linking is now on Smashwords

So last night I was working with the Nooks testing some things and went to Smashwords during the process. When I logged in there I discovered that they had given publishers and authors the ability to link the books in their series. I thought that was rather cool. Even cooler?

The option for the same books to be in multiple series (ex: The LOTR series, and The Hobbit + LOTR for The Ring series). With this I was able to link the extant series books. I project that this will be useful also for linking Dragon Shaman, Selkies' Skins, Wavelets (the shorts related to Selkies' Skins) and Shadow Chronicles when those series are ready, as they are interrelated. I still have no idea yet of what I would call the overarching collection of those series... It will bear thought and once I have some ideas I may or may not open up a feedback poll on that point.

This also means that I can group books that should be read together to give additional understanding of how those worlds function. Thus the birth of Spirit Bridges, I'm debating adding in "Stories of Spirits" to give more depth to one of the characters that makes cameo appearances in Dragon Shaman.

Later today the interview with the Cautilis regarding their book "Robots vs. Zombies" goes live (watch for that at 9 AM Pacific Time).

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