Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Regarding my Youtube channel changes

Some will have noticed that the icon and art on the Youtube channel has been changed. I have swapped it to match my main avatar presentation within Second Life. I am still fine tuning to make sure that the publishing logo still shows well enough, so this may slowly evolve during the process.

Others without adblockers will notice that there are no more ads playing on the videos on my channel, whether it is done for THG StarDragon Publishing vlog purposes, readings, spotlights, reviews, meditations, Patreon purposes, or things that my time and space has been given to make a donation to the Trotsdale or other Intersim library uses. Due to having less than 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 minutes of watch time I no longer qualify for their monetization program. Thus I disabled all ads before I lost access to that feature. There's no sense in having ads play that won't stand the chance of helping with funding.

The content type that I post will be likely to shift around a bit for a little longer until I am once more on a more regular schedule. I am still recording narration for "The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy" for author D.L. Garnder and working on illustrations for Debi over in PenIt publishing for a children's book project. So there is less time for regular reading to do book reviews or to record things for playback for the library. I miss my internet being of a high enough caliber I could reliably do live readings, but time wise it wouldn't be feasible right now anyway. There are also other video posting projects that were being suppressed by lack of time to work on them.

Regarding my own writing I am still doing the monthly poems for my Patreon. In the current Selkies' Skins manuscript I am fitting in writing for that when and as I can. The illustration and narration projects are higher priority though until I have those finished up.

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