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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Spotlight: Johnny Frankenstein by John Morrisey

Today is a spotlight posting for John Morrisey's Johnny Frankenstein books. They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble by request, or visit your favorite brick and mortar bookstore and ask them to order it for you. In regards to Amazon I am providing links to the Kindle copy, but you can click the tab once there to the hard copy for those that prefer physical books. Physical books also have the wonderful ability to be autographed, which this author will happily do for you.

Genres: Urban, contemporary, mystery, adventure, fantasy, serial fiction, short fiction

Johnny Frankenstein: The Undying Detective
Man becomes Monster, but what happens when the man inside the monster meets the monster inside the man. Private detective, licensed bodyguard, and supernatural troubleshooter Johnny Frankenstein is summoned to Oregon to find out what's eating a small mountain town. The ground will shake and blood will fly when the man-made monster goes head to head with the cannibal demon of the north woods.

Johnny Frankenstein: The Night Chicago Died
This is the second installment in the Johnny Frankenstein series. Gods and monsters clash over life, death, and immortality, with the lives of a city in the balance.

Johnny Frankenstein: Ride the Lightning
A Convention in Los Angeles leads Johnny to a case involving sasquatches, UFOs, Men in Black, and government black sites.

Johnny Frankenstein: The Anachramis Project and Other Summer Fun
This is the third installment of the Johnny Frankenstein series.
Life keeps on throwing things at you, even if you are a monster. Money, family, life, death, oozy monster. But it could be wore. Could be raining.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Johnny Frankenstein: Sword of Dracula
Death in Chicago leads Johnny across eastern Europe on a quest to protect his family.
The inevitable battle of the giants looms before him.

There is a group specifically for the discussion of these books and for fans to communicate with the author. If you get a physical copy that is the place to talk to him about getting that autograph. If these books are not your cup of coffee please do mention them to anyone that you know who is looking for books of this genre!
Johnny Frankenstein Facebook Group

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