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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ame's Bookshelf Review: Berkley Street by Ron Ripley

Book Review

Title: Berkley Street: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses (Berkley Street Series Book 1)

Author: Ron Ripley

Where to get:

Star Rating: 5

Age Rating (IMO): YA

This was a well done creepy story.  Parts of it did not hit me as hard as they should have. That may have to do with reading in bed with the heater going and surrounded by dogs though, so I was not given the solitude to fully appreciate all that had been intended to be scary. There were still several things that broke through though. Vivienne was one of those things that managed to get through the protection of doggie sentries. So did the explanation tale of how Carl came to become one of the ghosts.

Some are going to be confused and off-put by the way the story is arranged. There are times that flashbacks take place where we experience with the characters an important past event that would have made no sense if it were discovered in chronological order. They are clearly delineated though and the author does a good job of moving us back and forth as non jarringly as possible. I will certainly be reading more of this series.


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