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Selkies' Skins
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Friday, April 26, 2019

Flash Fiction Fridays #8: Playfulness (written) and Wikatcha (reading)

The below flash fiction is set in the Selkies’ Skins universe sometime after Kirsty and David have graduated, married, and started their life together. I have left it intentionally unclear as to exactly how long after graduation. It is long enough for a house in the once again village of Seal Point to be finished near the home Kirsty grew up in.
David rummaged in the impeccably clean pantry looking for his tinned fish. Kirsty was at the office doing whatever her father had called her in for. Her skin was another matter. She had left it to keep him company since she expected a boring day of paperwork and meetings. Said skin was very enthusiastic about staying home, causing mischief, and preventing him from being too sucked into his own pursuits.
Kirstyskin never liked hanging on a peg pretending to be a cloak, at least not since she’d gained enough strength to move around on her own. He may, or may not, have contributed to this. It was so hard not to spoil such a cute skin, especially when it so exuberantly communicated things Kirsty herself tried to be more adult and circumspect about. He still couldn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would hide a skin from the corresponding selkie, wife or not. Marsali’s husband had deprived himself and her of a great deal, in his opinion.
“Ork! Ork!” The skin attempted to whisper. The barking did not translate well into a whisper at all. She hauled up on her tail and clapped her flippers at him excitedly. Her front gaped open to reveal her smooth suede inside. Sparkling blue eyes glinted at him.
“I’m looking dear, I’m looking.” He sighed to himself. “I knew I shouldn’t have said the magic word…”
“Feesh! Feeeesh! Feeeeeeeesh?” The skin flopped down and rolled over and over around the kitchen behind him. How and what she filled herself with whenever she’d do this he had no clue. Kirstyskin did not exactly hold still long enough for him to ever satisfy his curiosity about that.
“Yes dear. I’m looking for our feesh.” David’s lips lifted in a smile that released his chuckle. “I will make sure you are fat and shiny when the rest of you comes home.”
“Feeeeeesh…” The rambunctious skin calmed herself and plopped a head on his foot, nibbling at his ankle through his socks.
“I’m not a fish, silly selkie skin.” His rummaging finally yielded fruit.
“Are. Wolffish.” She rumbled at him.
“Bad pun.” He grinned as he looked down at the very self satisfied smirk on the skin’s face. Kirstyskin blew an impish raspberry at him.
One can of little anchovies was still hidden. Unfortunately now she knew the hiding spot. It was just a matter of time before she’d sneak up there in the middle of the night with a chair. He’d have to consult Imp later for ideas on where he could hide Emergency Fish so he’d be more likely to have spares. David’s musing as he made his way to the corner he preferred to flop with her in was interrupted by a flying streak of white.
Said streak humped along the floor at top speed from the kitchen to the living room barking gleefully around her mouthful.
“I thought we were sharing!”
Laughter floated back to him and thumping started up the steps. His own laughter joined hers as he started running after her.

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It was originally posted on my Patreon where it can be read for free there as well.

Today's recorded flash fiction is the one posted last week. I read for you my retelling of the tale of Wikatcha.

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