Selkies' Skins

Selkies' Skins
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind has received a feature!

After recording some narration fixes for "The Ian's Realm Saga" and the flash fiction for the Friday audio posting I checked my email while waiting on audacity to open for processing that audio. I found a very nice surprise.

"Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind" was included in a YA Dragon Book Wiki. The other eight books listed here look pretty interesting, I will have to look into them. You can read all nine on their list here. They also include a lovely video.

9 Fantastic Young Adult Books About Dragons

I am very honored and excited. It is great to see Blowing Wind and Ryu getting some attention while I work on the selkie series that meets up with this series and will meet up with the still unpublished Shadow Chronicles.

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