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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Book Tube Real Talk Tag and Musing about Publishers and Booktube

This video was Patreon Patron only for a day to give them a chance to see it first, but as I knew I wasn't going to have the time intended to record a story as planned this is also the Sunday posting. Technically this is a bit of a story.

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=booktube real talk tag=
- questions -
1. What's something nobody told you about booktube before you started your channel?
2. What is your opinion on “typical” booktube videos? (wrap-up’s, TBR’s, hauls, etc.)
3. What is an assumption you had about booktube before you joined? Was it proven to be correct, or not?
4. What is something you’ve done that has actually helped you grow your audience?
5. What is a common mistake you see new booktubers making, or one that you made?
6. What are your thoughts on working with publishers and sponsorships?
7. Do you think booktube is dying?
8. Tag your friends!

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