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Selkies' Skins
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Friday, May 17, 2019

Flash Fiction Fridays #12: Parting, This is Nisa (Latest Revision), and The Seer

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#Singularity #AlternateWorlds #Dimensionality

This Friday I present three flash fictions. Two of them are by a guest, one Aria Wolfram or Lacy Musketeer. The third is my own.

Parting by Aria Wolfram: Nisean lore has always hinged around what disaster befell the original inhabitants of the country in the universe I first entered Nisa from, and long been tied into alternate realities and timelines. In this tale we learn one version of how Ar'ia first enters one of several concurrent versions of Nisa wherein anthro versions of Raikou and Horin rule Ibexia (and adopt her in adulthood) and what that entry looked like from the point of view of her father when she enters the singularity. Or perhaps it could be said the spirits of those who would take physical incarnation to later be the duo. There are alternate theories one could spin from this as well.

This is Nisa by Aria Wolfram: I also recommend listening to the original version of the tale as recorded for the MLP world version that she wrote, as recorded by Illya Leonov. She agreed to let me record and share her tale providing that I utilize the version for the currently enacted timeline wherein the denizens tend toward anthro and less toward the MLP based version Nisa was originally held to based on the universe rp was at the time done within (back when it interacted with Roanoak before the Changeling massacre and later the Canterlot bombing when that timeline was communally abandoned and "stored").

For posterity, Illya Leonov's recording of the first version:

You can visit Nisa and Ibexia as well as several other parcels owned and maintained by the Dreaming Twilight in the Second Life sim of Ontario.

The Seer by Teresa Garcia: A Seer of indeterminate age attempts to share what is most dear and wondrous with you. But what is your reaction to her world?

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